Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Latest From Cut Stone Records

Introducing the Ghetto Stream Riddim from Cut Stone Records. Cut Stone is an up-and-coming US label which sprouts from Green Lion Crew. Past releases include the Rhyme Stone and Rain Wata Riddims. All three rhythms in the Cut Stone name are solid - each draws from subtle hip-hop and roots influences. While the majority of artists under the label are nothing to brag about in terms of lyrics and delivery, the likings of Chezidek and Kali Blaxx tend to deliver every time. The dark horse on this rhythm, who I believe takes the crown on this production is the unknown, Ras Myrhda, with "Jah Love."

Ghetto Stream Riddim | Mix: Jah-Love

Chezidek - More Trees
Kali Blaxx - Hold Di Faith
Perfect - Tax Extortion
Ras Myrhda - Jah Love

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Introducing: Conscious Minds Ink

Be sure to check out the brand new, Conscious Minds Inkorporated website to preview and purchase the latest fall collection of culture T's, get involved in the movement and help to spread the message. One love, one destiny, one unity!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stephen & Damian Marley - 'Jah Army'

A big tune from the Marley brothers, 'Jah Army,' on the General Penitentiary Riddim - a rhythm that's been remastered and remixed a number of times, this being the most recent. This track is a classic Stephen-Damian collaboration. RUN IT!

Friday, November 12, 2010

J Boog & Don Corleon Link Up Again!

If you don't know J Boog by now, get to know him. I've been a huge J Boog fan for a few years now, as he's been doing his underground thing. Finally, in recent past, Don Corleon got his hands on him and has taken J Boog under his wing. This is J Boog's most recent single from D.C. Records, Waiting On The Rain.. an absolute hit.

J Boog | Waiting On The Rain


J Boog | Love Season

J Boog | Aye OK

J Boog | Let's Do It Again 

New, Big Culture Tune From Don Corleon

Looks like J Boog got his boy Fiji in the mix with Don Corleon - here's a brand new, BIG culture tune: Peetah Morgan ft. Fiji,"Rock and Come In."

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MAADD tune from Spectacular! "Badda Than Dem." Another big, passionate track from Spectacular. This song should be played at high volumes. Nuff said!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Throwback Jam: The LaLaBella Riddim

I think this has to be one of my all time favorite rhythms. Until recently, I never knew what it was called. And to be honest, I kind of forgot about it all together until recently. What reminded of this rhythm and how much I like it is the Sizzla, Like Mountains remix which I stumbled across on YouTube a week or two ago. This remix is guaranteed to get your feet moving.

This rhythm is an old one, for sure. I believe it came out in '95, and has a ton of old artists on it. The only two tracks I really like are Tony Rebel, with Why Be Afraid, and Everton Blender, with Ghetto People. Both are HUGE tunes! It's really a shame this rhythm isn't remastered and showcased with some newer artists, because it bumps so hard, and could definitely use the vocal chords of some of today's biggest singers.

LaLaBella Riddim | Mix: Jah-Love

Jah Protect Riddim - November 2010

A new, super conscious rhythm from the up-and-coming record label, Young Veterans. There are two fire tunes on this collection - the first is by one of my favorite artists, Konshens, with his track Watch Me Fada. The second tune (which comes last on this mix) is Work Hard by Perfect, an artist who I seldom enjoy. Both these artists absolutely kill it here lyrically, something I've come to expect from Konshens, but certainly not from Perfect.

Jah Protect Riddim | Mix: Jah-Love

Konshens - Watch Me Fada
Patexx - Jah Will Never
Christopher Martin - As I Walk Away
Maverick - Keep Working
Perfect - Work Hard