Thursday, February 24, 2011

Protoje - "7-Year Itch"

I introduced Protoje a few weeks back. At the time I thought he sounded good, but I assumed the two singles that had been released would be the anchor of his album. However, after listening to the whole thing through a few times, I gotta say I'm very impressed. He's got a voice very similar to Niyorah and has awesome production behind him from Don Corleon. Below are a couple of my favorite tracks off the album, excluding the two that hit the airwaves a while back (Dread and Rasta Love ft. Kymani Marley).

Friday, February 18, 2011

Island Vibes Riddim

I meant to put this one up a while ago, but finally got around to doing it. Keep an ear out for the lyrics in the first track by Bugle. You can't sleep on this guy. Yeah, he's mostly involved in the dancehall scene, but, when he does get on some culture rhythms, he's always killin' it lyrically. His unique voice is a plus as well..

Bugle - "I Don't Worry"
I-Octane - "Once More"
Khago - "Energy"
Konshens - "Represent"
Tarrus Riley - "Never Leave I"


Shout outs to ISLAND VIBE backpackers in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa. It is a MUST if you're traveling up the Garden Route to Port Elizabeth. Tips: Save your money and tent out, be sure to check out Super Tubes, and be careful with the Fish Bowls, they'll get you, every time. Ask Kelly: (4th picture down on the left).


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

JAH-LOVE: 'The Lost Tapes'

Cleaning out my desktop the other day I came across a few random mixes that I'd thrown together when I was bored sometime in the distant past. They're nothing technically impressive by any means, nor are they very long, but I think they're worth throwing on here for anyone who wants to listen to some good, old tunes.

Bob Marley Would've Liked Yasso

"Good and Sweet Like Yasso"

Shout out to our good friends at YASSO FROZEN GREEK YOGURT, which will be hitting all the major grocery and club stores in the Northeast this March!

Nesta approves, listen for yourself around :26s.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Distant Relatives Go To JA

Follow this three part mini series as Nas and Jr. Gong travel to Jamaica to record dubplates for "Jah Army" in the Tuff Gong studio, shoot the music video for  "Promised Land," and keep it real with the Jamaican massive. Shout out to Conscious Minds for the heads up!

Oh, and how awesome is Damian's laugh at the very, very end of the second video?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tarrus Riley - "Tiny Desk Concert"

This is why I love Tarrus - because you know what you're gonna get every time. He's energetic, engaging to his audience, has a wicked voice (the best in reggae music today in my opinion), and his lyrics tell real stories of real struggle, overcoming that struggle, and finding happiness, peace and positivity. He's the best all around reggae artist since Bob Marley, in terms of his passion, both in the studio and on the stage, and the righteous, uplifting messages behind his songs. Tarrus is a must see in concert if you want to fully appreciate what he has to offer as an artist. And, it's an extra bonus if you're lucky enough to catch him on tour with producer/sax player, Dean Frasier, the one playing in this video..