Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nas & Damian Marley Music Videos

Of course Distant Relatives is old news at this point, but I just stumbled on some really tight official videos for two of my favorite tracks off the album, "Nah Mean" and "The Promised Land". It looks like the videos were shot back to back, and have a nice real style that gives them an authentic feel. Ras Kassa directed them, and did a good job of capturing the streets of Kingston, JM. Check out all the guest appearances too. Tarrus Riley and Jah Cure cruising with the guys in "The Promised Land" and Stephen Marley marching along with the crew, in "Nah Mean".

Tarrus Riley: New Albums Coming

If there’s one thing you should know about my taste in reggae, it’s that my favorite artist, far and away, is Tarrus Riley. With his energy, conscious lyrics, and amazing voice, his consistency to come through on every track is unlike any other artist currently out there. Check out this clip from a recent interview, where he describes his music, and it’s hard to not appreciate the vibes he’s spreading.

"Healing Music" | Tarrus Riley

It’s been two years since his last album, Contagious, and I keep hoping to hear word of a new album on the horizon. Finally news has come, and it’s better than I could have ever hoped! According to Tarrus himself, he’s working on three albums right now – one acoustic, one regular, and one lover’s rock – and at least one will be released over the summer. So get caught up on your Tarrus tracks, and start getting as excited I am, because those albums promise to be some of the best of the year!

For now, here are some of his newer releases, as well as a tight remix by KS Selecta, all the way from Switzerland. If you get a chance, check out the video for Shaka Zulu Pickney. It's a really powerful video directed by the talented Storm Saulter.

Hawaii's own, "The Green"


This is
DJ Rudeboy and this will be my first post on the blog. I was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii but currently live in Boulder, Colorado, where I started the Rudeboy Reggae Show on Radio1190 KVCU Boulder. My true passion within reggae comes from our very own talented musicians back home in Hawaii. Currently, there are some very big things taking place on the Hawaiian reggae scene, mainly with the huge exposure of some of our most talented bands. One in particular is quickly becoming the next biggest name in Reggae. That band is The Green, who just recently won best reggae album on iTunes. Their unique fusion of reggae, rock, roots, and Hawaiian genres -  alongside four lead singers, conscious lyrics, smooth harmonies, and a captivating sound truly represent Hawaiian reggae at its finest. 

This is easily one of my favorite tracks off the album, really portraying the depth of their music. I will let the song speak the rest for itself. And they also have a free 4-song download on their website.

I highly encourage you to tune into my radio show on Radio1190 KVCU Boulder (University of Colorado Radio Station). Myself and Dj Lou Dogg bring you some of the best in both roots and progressive reggae music. Our radio show is every Tuesday night 9-11 MDT and you can listen online at Details can also be found on our Facebook: Rudeboy Reggae or Myspace:

Mahalo & Respect

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reggae Around the World

Putumayo World Music is a group that was established in '93 with the goal of spreading the world's cultures and music to various people from all corners of the globe. Myself and Lou Dogg stumbled across their "Reggae Around the World" CD during our travels throughout South Africa. I can speak for the both of us when I say this album holds a special place in my/our hearts, and without a doubt is one of my favorite all-time reggae compilations. Essentially what this CD is, is a collection of various reggae tracks from all over the world, in various forms, in various languages. It gives a good mix of culture and vibes from a number of different countries, and showcases the universality of reggae music, which is truly what makes this music one of the world's most popular, and certainly my favorite genre.

There's been countless memories forged while listening to this CD which make it so special; many good laughs had with many good friends. I'll never forget driving for 8-10 hour stints along the Garden Route in South Africa - the span of road (N2) that connects Cape Town all the way up to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape - and jammin' so hard to this CD on repeat, over and over, when only 4-5 of the tracks worked. One track that never got old during this whole time was this first track below, "Drangkinbala" by Blekbala Muik from Australia. Not sure what language this is in, but its a mixture of whatever tongue that is and english. This track was forever dubbed, "track two" as it is the second track on the compilation, and because none of us could ever pronounce its true name. "Yo, put track two on" was always a common command on long road trips.

The other two tracks below are "Promised Land" by Maek Fashek (Nigeria) and Salib Faudi by Rasha (Sudan). Both are two of my other favorite tracks from the compilation. 

If you wanna find out more about this CD and more about other works from Putumayo, follow the link at the top of this post, which will take you directly to their website. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Signs of More to Come?

Springtime always seems to bring some of the best rhythms of the year. After a slow, unimpressive batch of  production over this long winter, I've been greatly looking forward to what this Spring will have to offer. The first -- of what I hope is many to come -- Spring riddim that bumps really hard and needs to be played at high volumes is the Alive Riddim by Dynasty Productions. While Dynasty traditionally does a lot of dancehall and dancehall/hip-hop production, this progressive culture rhythm is super catchy and highlights some established artists like Gentleman, Lutan Fyah and Delly Ranxx.

The single off of this rhythm with out a doubt goes to Gentleman & Jah Sun with "Tear Drops," though I think Lutan comes in a close second. I'm looking forward to what this Spring will offer in terms of production, and with any luck and some good, new music, you can expect a Reggae Feva, Volume VIII sometime this early summer.

1. Gentleman & Jah Sun - "Tear Drops"
2. Lutan Fyah - "Break I Down"
3. Fyah Flames & John Blaze - "Rooted and Grounded"
4. Delly Ranxx - "Livin' My Life"

Fresh Medz Riddim

Warriors Musick Production presents the Fresh Medz Riddim: a unique-sounding, low-key culture jam. There are a dozen or so artists on this rhythm release, though most are unknown and don't do much to impress. However, a few recognizable artists come with some strong lyrical content and vocals. My two favorites on this rhythm are Cali P and Ras Penco, both of which are artists who have been around for a little while now, but have yet to really catch their big break in the reggae scene. Both have unique sounds that work well on this almost R&B sounding rhythm.

1. Cali P - "With You By My Side"
2. Ras Penco - "I'm a Survivor"
3. Fantan Mojah - "Never Give Up"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Katchafire: On the Road Again

Arguably the biggest New Zealand reggae band, Katchafire, dropped their fourth album, On the Road Again, earlier this month. I got the chance to see them last weekend, and was blown away! Their harmonies were on point, the horns were smooth, and the general vibe at the show was perfect. I was stoked to see that after being on iTunes for no more than two weeks, they’re already the #2 selling reggae album. So if you haven’t heard of them yet, get caught up. The first song is off their new album, and the next two are some classics I think you’ll enjoy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jah Cure: World Cry

Jah Cure's highly anticipated album, World Cry, is due out this June. Production on this album is guaranteed to be tight, though, I anticipate it will be a turn away from the modern roots/culture vibes that I've come to know and love from Jah Cure over the years -  vibes like that from previous albums such as Freedom Blues and Ghetto Life. I expect to hear a sound more like his last album, The Universal Cure, which in my opinion is a good album, but definitely strays from the style of reggae I prefer, honing in on a more progressive, hip-hop infused style of reggae - something we're seeing more and more in today's reggae industry.

With that said, I do think Cure's new album will be a good one. A number of singles have been leaked over the past year, and most of what I've heard is solid. My favorite track that I've heard so far is "Save Yourself," linked in the video below. Cure and SoBe Entertainment recently just released a free download off the album. Be sure to follow the link, by putting in your email address, to get it for yourself. The track is titled the same as the album, "World Cry."

Save Yourself | Jah Cure

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grace & Gratitude Riddim

Romeich Records presents its March release of the Grace & Gratitude Riddim - one of this spring's biggest rhythm releases yet. With a slew of heavy hitting artists - some new, some old - this one sets the bar thus far in my opinion. I wasn't too impressed with the production that came out this winter, so I'm hoping more of this is on the way to carry us into what promises to be a great summer.

Artists on this mix:
To-Isis - "Tired and Mi Hungry"
Bugle - "Unfair Game"**
TOK - "No Guarantee"
Alaine - "When Mamma Prays"
Christopher Martin - "Be With You"
Junior X - "I'm Yours"

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rudeboy Reggae Presents: Acoustics in the Studio

One of my favorite things about doing the Rudeboy Reggae radio show is when artists stop by the studio to record some music. It all started with a local Boulder band, UpRoot, and four years later, we have a collection of 35 solid tracks. I figured it’s about time to spread the love, so I put together seven of my favorite tracks on an EP called, Rudeboy Reggae Presents: Acoustics in the Studio. Eventually, the plan is to release a full-length album.

The artists vary from world famous bands, like SOJA and Rebelution, to smaller bands from all around the country. Da kine ENT is from Hawaii, and killed it on the ukulele with some love songs. Matt N, also from Hawaii, came through with some deep lyrics and a unique sound. Fortunate Youth is out of South Bay, LA and we caught them on their nationwide tour for a few tracks. West Water Outlaws is a local blues/rock band that has been rippin through Boulder with some nuts live shows. We convinced them to record a few tracks with a hint of reggae, and it was definitely impressive.

These tracks are a totally different style of reggae than what’s usually posted on the blog. But hopefully you’ll still enjoy the sweet vibes of reggae music even in a different sound. Of course if you want more of a certain artist contact me and I can send some tunes your way.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Big Single From Konshens & Voicemail

Those who know me or follow Rudeboy, or both, know that I don't really care much for dancehall. Every now and then I'll dabble with some dancehall that has more of a hip-hop influence and vibe. This tune from Konshens featuring Voicemail - Last Drink - is a perfect example of what triggers my interest in terms of dancehall music. I think this is a great party track; guaranteed to get any dance hall (yes, pun intended) hype. It was released in February, but I'm just now getting my hands on it. Pre it for yourself below..

New Mixes Up On United Reggae

Two more mixes from Rudeboy Reggae are up on our artist page on United Reggae! Listen to them all, and follow us on the website HERE.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jah Dan, Lustre Kings Remix

Raised Fist Propaganda presents Jah Dan - "All Comes Back to One" remix, produsted by Lustre Kings. The original of this song was the single off of his debut album, Babylon Nightmare, which came out in mid-2010. Jah Dan has a lot of potential in my opinion. It's songs like this one, which have a more modern roots feel to them that I think he excels on. From what I've heard and seen - the one and only time I saw him in concert - he brings a more progressive dubstep kind of sound to the stage, one that I don't really care for. 

The first I had ever heard of Jah Dan was this single below, off of the Major Lazer album, Guns Don't Kill People, Lazers Do. The song is called "Cash Flow" - a great, catchy riddim with equally catchy lyrics. Check it out below. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ziggi Recado to Drop New Album

What’s good everybody? Just wanna take a second to introduce myself. I go by the name of Lou Dogg. I met Jah Love in 6th grade in Burlington, VT, and a few years later was introduced to reggae music. Since then I've been addicted. In 2008, when I got out to Boulder, CO, a friend and I started the Rudeboy Reggae radio show on Radio 1190 KVCU Boulder, (every Tuesday night 9-11mdt) and have been doing it since. I'll be posting favorite tracks, new tunes, and continue to spread the vibes of Rudeboy Reggae.

To start off, I gotta spread the message that one of my favorite European artists, Ziggi Recado (who used to go by just Ziggi) is about to drop his third album, which is self-titled. Hailing from the Netherlands, Ziggi has been killin it since his debut album in 2006. His last album In Transit was absolute fire, and so far this new album promises to be on the same level. Check out the music video for “Get Out,” his first hit off the album. It’s definitely more produced than his other stuff, but a really catchy tune. Also, check out some of these favorites of mine from In Transit.

BONUS: Just got the link to check out the new album, Ziggi Recado!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pure Life & Rudeboy on United Reggae!

Big ups to Camille & United Reggae for the ad yesterday! You can now check out and follow Rudeboy Reggae's artist page - and Jah-Love's 2009 summer mix, 'Pure Life' - on More mixes soon to be added, stay tuned!

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