Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reggae Around the World

Putumayo World Music is a group that was established in '93 with the goal of spreading the world's cultures and music to various people from all corners of the globe. Myself and Lou Dogg stumbled across their "Reggae Around the World" CD during our travels throughout South Africa. I can speak for the both of us when I say this album holds a special place in my/our hearts, and without a doubt is one of my favorite all-time reggae compilations. Essentially what this CD is, is a collection of various reggae tracks from all over the world, in various forms, in various languages. It gives a good mix of culture and vibes from a number of different countries, and showcases the universality of reggae music, which is truly what makes this music one of the world's most popular, and certainly my favorite genre.

There's been countless memories forged while listening to this CD which make it so special; many good laughs had with many good friends. I'll never forget driving for 8-10 hour stints along the Garden Route in South Africa - the span of road (N2) that connects Cape Town all the way up to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape - and jammin' so hard to this CD on repeat, over and over, when only 4-5 of the tracks worked. One track that never got old during this whole time was this first track below, "Drangkinbala" by Blekbala Muik from Australia. Not sure what language this is in, but its a mixture of whatever tongue that is and english. This track was forever dubbed, "track two" as it is the second track on the compilation, and because none of us could ever pronounce its true name. "Yo, put track two on" was always a common command on long road trips.

The other two tracks below are "Promised Land" by Maek Fashek (Nigeria) and Salib Faudi by Rasha (Sudan). Both are two of my other favorite tracks from the compilation. 

If you wanna find out more about this CD and more about other works from Putumayo, follow the link at the top of this post, which will take you directly to their website.