Sunday, October 30, 2011

Protoje Freestyle

Check out this video from a few years back - it's Protoje, pre-dreads, throwing down a mean freestyle on some hip-hop beat, which I'm assuming from all the equipment set up around him, he produced? Not sure though. Either way check it out. This dude's got talent for sure. He's Don Corleon's cousin, so you know he's set with tight production, and he's got lyrical skill for days and a smooth flow to add on top of it all. He's just beginning to blow in the mainstream reggae scene, so I'm definitely excited to see more from him in the future.

Follow him online at

Friday, October 28, 2011


PlayJah Rule The World | Cali P

This one's been around for a minute - circa 2008 I believe. Real good tune though. Enjoy it, and enjoy the weekend!

New Romain

Brand new video from Romain Virgo - a two part mix of his single, "System." This first part is a slow acoustic version, and the latter is a more upbeat, poppy version. Both are good, though I think I like the slow acoustic ballad better. Judge for yourself.

I don't wanna over look the lyrics of this one either. Super conscious - seems to resonate with many of us in today's tough economic times...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Bomboflow Riddiim

Released this past August, and just now starting to get a lot of recognition and appreciation around the reggae community is the Bomboflow Riddim, produced by Vermont's own, Upsetta Records. And the praise given is rightfully owed! This riddim is one of the best that I've heard in a long time. In my opinion, with it's uplifting, worldly, culture vibe, this riddim stands as a quintessential model for what reggae music today should sound like. I'm proud to say this one comes from my home town of Burlington, VT. Big ups to Upsetta Records!

Keep a look out for Collie Buddz on this one...

Even though Fall has clearly nestled in to stay a while, and the days continue to get darker earlier and colder fast, I guarantee this warm, Summer-time jam will have you runnin' it back, over and over. Because with this riddim, Summer nah done yet!

Zumunda - "Change Gonna Come"
Kali Blaxx - "Farmer Man"
Collie Buddz - "Too Watchy"

New Single Feat. Peetah & Gramps


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stringz Riddim

A very smooth, upbeat strings riddim: The Stringz Riddim (appropriately named) has such potential, but unfortunately brings very little to the table due to a serious lack of good artists to back up such a quality-sounding rhythm. These three tracks on the mix below are by far the best tracks off of this release, which features some 15-20 mostly unknown artists. This sort of thing happens every now and then and it's too bad. Sometimes really good riddims slip by unnoticed because of a lack of big names to fulfill the work's potential.

Chezidek - "Still Want More"
Jus Goodie - "Crazy Love"
Capleton & Black Prophet - "You Get What You Want"

Sebastian Sturm: New Album

The first time I heard Sebastian Sturm, I was in a small hostel on an empty South African coastline. Judging by his sound, I thought he had to be a lesser known African roots artist. But when I came back to the states, I found out that he was actually a 28-year-old German artist, clearly with a musically old soul. Tomorrow he drops his third album, Get Up & Get Going. He’s got a really solid roots sound, similar to Groundation, and is definitely worth checking out. Try out these five samples from the new album to see if it’s your style. Also, here's one of the first songs I heard of his: "Time" off his first album, This Change is Nice.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Rudeboy Reggae is psyched to introduce a new segment to the blog: "Boom Tune of the Week." Every Friday we will post a hype song to take you into the weekend - something that is sure to get the party started wherever you may be. It may be an old classic, or it could be a brand new track that is blazing the airwaves; it'll vary every week. So whenever you find yourself in need for a pick-me-up to start your weekend off on the right note, be sure to check in with Rudeboy Reggae for each week's Boom Tune.

To start this segment off, we decided to bring you one of our all-time favorite riddims, the Rose Apple Riddim. This is a segment off of a 2005 mix from the illustrious Itation Sound - a sound system turned record label, originally from our hometown of Burlington, VT. Years ago, this riddim used to start us off at every party. Hopefully this one will get you guys going for this weekend as well. Cheers!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

J Boog: Backyard Boogie

One of the most highly anticipated albums over the summer was J Boog’s second full-length album, Backyard Boogie. Lots of rumors had been spreading of collaborations with different big artists and producers, and it was tough to not develop high expectations. Finally, the album dropped September 27, and of course, it was FIRE. Featuring big name artists such as Tarrus Riley, Peetah Morgan, Million Stylez, and Jacob Hemphill (of SOJA), from the first song to last, it keeps you dancing and singing. There are a few songs that had been previously released as singles, such as “Let’s Do it Again” and “Sunshine Girl”, but there are certainly a bunch of new tunes that caught my ear. Here are three of them:

"Give Thanks" is the first track on the album and definitely gets it off right. "Angel" is classic J Boog, showing that he can always kill it on the slow jams. "Let It Blaze" is easily one of my favorites of the album. It's hype chorus just can't be ignored and makes you wanna dance like some of his early classics ("Coldest Zone").

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Troyton Music Presents: The Dangerous Luv Riddim

New from Troyton Music, the Dangerous Luv Riddim highlights an array of solid vocals from a number of established up-and-comers, all of which compliment the somber, low-key, hip-hop flow of the riddim. It looks like Tarrus' "Dangerous Luv" is the intended single off of this release, and while it is a good track, I prefer new-comer, Khago's, "Nothing Like Life." I think his vocals and energy match the riddim best. The sleeper track on here is Bencil and Mr. G with "Life of a Ghetto Soldier" - arguably the best hook on this riddim...

Tarrus Riley - "Dangerous Luv"
I Octane - "Who Wanna See I Fall"
Khago - "Nothing Like Life"
Bencil & Mr. G - "Life Of A Ghetto Soldier"
Dangerous Luv Version - Troyton Music

Journey to Jah Trailer

I just stumbled on this trailer for the film Journey to Jah, directed by a pair of Germans. They have some really tight footage of artists such as Gentleman, Alborosie and Luciano. And the soundtrack, of course, looks like it'll be amazing too. It's always nice to see intimate interviews and recording sessions of the artists you love. Also, it looks like they are looking for some help with funding, so if anyone feels the need, here's the link. If not, just enjoy the trailer.

"Through our protagonists we attempt to show reggae as a intriguing construct of music, politics and spirituality." - Journey for Jah

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steel Strings Riddim

New this fall from Chimney Records is the Steel Strings Riddim. Not only are there a lot of big names on this release, but this one also brings a unique, almost funky guitar riff that carries the riddim. There are no real standouts here, but each track is quite solid. Overall, a good riddim.

Bugle - "Life"
G Whizz - "Wash Weh Mi Troubles"
I Octane - "My Problems Gone"
Jah Vinci - "Set Me Free"
Christopher Martin - "Got To Get Going"
Konshens - "Need A Wife"
Tarrus Riley - "Stronger"
Steel Strings Version

Sunday, October 2, 2011


BRAND NEW from French production group, Dub Inc, is the No Doubt Riddim - so brand new that I can't find it anywhere to download. I believe it's not due to be released on iTunes until October 11th, so we'll have to be patient for now. Until then, I had to post the YouTube megamix of the riddim. Keep an eye on Busy Signal and Capleton on this one..

I'll post a downloadable mix of it as soon as I can get my hands on this riddim.