Monday, January 16, 2012

Yaadcore Music

I just heard about the Jamaican DJ, Yaadcore, through his September 2011 collaboration with Protoje, This is Protoje.  (For those that haven't heard Protoje, I highly recommend this mixtape as a way to get familiar with his sound before his sophomore album drops.)  While looking into Yaadcore, I discovered that he just dropped another mix, called Rock-in-Steady: Over an hour of well-mixed rocksteady musicI've been wishing that someone would drop a mix like this.  I don't consider myself too educated in this style of reggae, so to have a mix of all the classics at my fingertips is perfect. It's super nice to put on and just let it set the vibe in the room.

Download Rock-in-Steady HERE.
Download This is Protoje HERE.

'This Is Protoje' Mixtape Presented by Yaadcore by Protoje