Saturday, March 24, 2012

Simple Simon Drops Missile 51

Simple Simon, of Supremacy Sounds is back at it again with his recent mix, Missile 51.  I finally got around to featuring the Kenya-based Supremacy Sounds back in February, and I hope some viewers took the opportunity to check out a few Simple Simon mixes.  He's the real deal.  As I said before, he features both high quality mixing (except for a skip technique he has been recently attempting more frequently) and impressive song choice.  This mix is simpler than his past bunch, featuring just eight recent riddim mixes and three singles, but it is still a good review of culture reggae from the past few months.  The Faithful Riddim, Antique Riddim, Kush Morning Riddim, Ghetto Lifestyle Riddim, and Heart & Soul Riddim are all featured.  Most importantly, whenever Simple Simon lays down a mix, I listen.

Download Missile 51 HERE.