Monday, July 30, 2012

That Girl

Jah Cure has a lot to celebrate these days. In recognition of his 5th year anniversary of being released from prison, July 28th also marked the release of his first single off of his new production label, Iyah Cure Music, titled, "That Girl." And, on top of everything, Jah Cure recently welcomed a new baby girl into the world, his first daughter, Kalani. So, things are good for Cure these days.

Listen to his single, That Girl, above.

New Chronixx

I've been keeping my eye on Chronixx for a little while now. Hailing from Jamaica, the up-and-comer has done a ton of work with great European production groups. One of his latest singles to hit the airwaves is this one above, "They Don't Know," is no different - produced by Lance-A-Lot Productions, from Sweden. Chronixx continues to impress time after time with great lyrical skill, his unique voice and decent story-telling ability, all of which is accompanied by top notch production. As I've said a number of times, keep an eye on this guy...

PS - can you spot a couple cameo appearances by other reggae artists in this video?

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Introducing: Chronixx

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"MAXImum Collection"

One of my favorite all-time reggae artists is Maxi Priest, the son of the legendary, seminal reggae artist, Jacob Miller. This past June, Maxi released a 36-track "Best-Of" album, titled, "Maximum Collection," which contains all of his greatest hits.

If you're unfamiliar with Maxi, he is - best put - THE go-to artist for light, airy, summertime reggae jams. Hands down. So do yourself a favor this summer, and get acquainted with the man.

Download "Maximum Collection" HERE

Friday, July 27, 2012


Whenever Chris Martin brings his A-game it promises to be a hit.  This is exactly what he does on the recent BitterSweet Riddim.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Snoop Dog Drops First Single Off Upcoming Reggae Album

Snoop Dog, who will now be going by the name of Snoop Lion in light of his upcoming reggae album titled, Reincarnated, has just dropped the first single "La La La" off the new project. The album, which is set to release toward the end of 2012, is being created in collaboration with Major Lazer (Diplo) and is heavily influenced by Snoop's admiration for traditional reggae music and Rastafarian culture. 

Musically, the track hits hard and shows Snoop is serious about sticking to the roots. I definitely dig the overall vibe of the new song and have found it to be growing on me more and more with each listen. Snoops voice is smooth with a modern feel and adds a nice contrast next to the straight old school roots that are backing him. 

This powerful link up between Snoop Dog & Major Lazer in the name of reggae should no doubt be a winner. Judging by the first sample, I think the project has serious potential and definitely has me wanting to hear more. Stoked on another solid hip-hop/reggae fusion album helping pave the way for this new genre! 

Busy Signal, "Leaving"

PlayLeaving (Affection Riddim)| Busy Signal

Free up Busy!! Just a few months removed from the release of his highly acclaimed, strictly reggae album, "Reggae Music Again," the dancehall star hits us again with a BIG, BIG single off of the Affection Riddim. Produced by H20 Records, the riddim sounds very Don-Corleon-esque. Despite the few big names on this production, the Affection riddim is pretty forgetable - aside from Busy's single, that is. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Introducing: The Expanders

PLAYSnow Beast | The Expanders

Looks can be deceiving, and so can sounds. After listening to this band, it seems like second nature to assume they are an act coming straight out of Jamaica in the 1970's. However, not only are The Expanders a contemporary reggae act but they also happen to call Southern California their home.

Known for their vintage style reggae influenced by groups like The Ethiopians, The Gladiators, & The Mighty Diamonds, never has a sound so old felt so fresh. The harmonies are tight, music lively, and lyrics simple yet filled with purpose. Its music in true roots fashion.

Check out tracks off their self titled debut album The Expanders and don't hesitate to get your copy! Hopefully we can see a US tour sometime soon cause with an album this solid, I am sure they have a live performance that is up to par. Much respect to The Expanders for keeping the ROOTS alive!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Groundation World Tour, Fall 2012

Purchase Building An Ark on iTunes or Amazon

Groundation has just released their upcoming Building An Ark World Tour with dates, which will primarily be on the West Coast, aside from a brief stint in Boston, NYC and Virginia.

Check out the tour dates HERE, and we highly recommend catching them in a city near you (international dates are listed as well for our friends from around the world!). We at Rudeboy Reggae advocate not only the best in studio reggae music but also live musical acts, and Groundation has undoubtedly one of the best live performances in contemporary reggae.

In an effort to encourage our followers to get out & support live reggae music, we will soon be implementing ticket giveaways on the blog for shows we are sponsoring in Hawaii, Colorado, California & Boston, with more cities hopefully in the future. With physical albums slowly being phased out and the easy accesibility to music through the internet, making it out to the shows is one of the major ways to support reggae acts and the genre in general. Besides.. nothing beats an epic reggae concert! Enjoy Groundation live in France playing "Undivided"..

Thursday, July 19, 2012

SOLID Summer Mix From DJ Benjah & DJ Squalsh

DJ Benjah partnered up with fellow Vermont-native, DJ Squalsh to release their most recent Summer Mix titled Revelations.  Not much needs to be said about this mix to prove it's worth.  Benjah has proved his worth over the years with great mixing and perfect song selection.  The addition of Squalsh promises to make this mix even more special.  No matter how involved you are in the Reggae community, you are guaranteed to hear some tracks here that you haven't heard before.

Download the mix HERE.  Get it in your musical repertoire already, and get those summer vibes going!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Young Veterans: "Rahtid 3"

Production group, Young Veterans, just released the third installment of its popular "Rahtid" mix-cd collection. This tertiary edition is a very solid, versatile collection of reggae and dancehall music from both 2011 and 2012,  and includes a few unreleased singles as well. All tacks on the mix are produced by the young Jamaican group. The Rahtid compilation includes some very impressive artists such as Warrior King, Sizzla, Luciano, Capleton, Fantan Mojah, Vybz Kartel, Perfect, and Konshens, to name a few.

Preview & download the album from iTunes.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Easy Star All-Stars Set to Release Tribute Album, "Thrillah"

Big things coming from the Easy Star All-Stars' camp!  I just got a sneak peak into their upcoming dub-cover album, Thrillah, and am really stoked about it.  As you could imagine from the title, it's a Michael Jackson themed album.  Easy Star has been doing this dub-cover style for a while now, starting with their 2003 Dub Side of the Moon, and they certainly know what they're doing.  The biggest surprise about this upcoming album is that it is filled from start to finish with other huge Reggae stars.  And I mean huge — The Green, Steel Pulse, Luciano, Michael Rose, Christopher Martin, and Cas Haley to mention a few.  Michael Jackson fans will be pleased with the tracks they chose (Thriller, Bille Jean, Human Nature, Beat It, etc.) while Reggae fans will be more than impressed with how each track was interpreted.

It's always a pleasure to hear Easy Star All-Stars' take on some of the biggest singles of all time, and incorporating other successful artists' style on the vocals is such an amazing bonus.  Check out their tour dates HERE.  If you ever get a chance to see them, don't turn it down!  Thrillah is due to be released on August 28, so pre-order your copy today, or utilize your patience and check out these tunes in the meantime.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Octane: Jiggle Fi Me

I-Octane just dropped a new full-length album earlier this month, titled Jiggle Fi Me. This is his most recent album since the impressive Crying to the Nation. The first thing I noticed when listening to the album is that it’s got a much more prominent dancehall-style than his previous album. However, although it is more dancehall than I usually have tolerance for, after a few listens through, the album has grown on me. One gripe I originally had is that almost a third of the album’s production sounds exactly the same as the One Day Riddim. Although it is arguable that this has been one of the most popular riddims in the dancehalls since Spring 2010, I just found it to come off less than creative. The one dancehall track that stuck out to me was the title-track, “Jiggle Fi Me”. Once I got past the catchy summer dancehall tracks though, there are some slower tunes with better messages, which are really worth a listen. I-Octane brings it with the vocals on every tune, it’s just a matter of what the production gives him.

So if you're more of a dancehall fan, this album is a must have! If you're a little less of a dancehall fan like myself, it's definitely still worth a listen. Make sure you pick and chose carefully which tunes suit you, and you will be glad you did.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kingston Town (Remix) Video

Just released: Busy Signal, ft. Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley (AKA Gong Zilla), "Kingstontown (Remix)" music video

Brand New J Boog Singles

J Boog continues to feed the fire that is modern roots reggae, song after every song. What a consistently  great and talented artist this guy is! This first track's got a nice likkle Hawaiian ukulele vibe, which reminds me a lot of his old (just as good) music before he began to buss - circa 2007/2008. The second single on here has much more modern, culture reggae sound - with a heavy bass line, muted guitar riff, some nice horns and a sharp-snapping snare. Gives you a good feel for Boog's versatility as an artist...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"I Gotta Know" - Mana'o Company

Legendary "Jawaiian" (Reggae/Hawaiian fusion) band Mana'o Company has gotten back into the studio to record music after a 6 year hiatus. The band made popular for hits like Drop Baby Drop and Spread A Little Aloha have reunited with this fresh new single I Gotta Know. The new style definitely fits their identified genre of "Island Contemporary Music" and makes me hope they will have more hits like it on the next album, which the band has stated intentions of making. Compared to their older material, the new sound has undoubtedly revived their music to keep up with everything thats going on in the contemporary island music scene. Enjoy this smooth track!