Monday, July 16, 2012

Easy Star All-Stars Set to Release Tribute Album, "Thrillah"

Big things coming from the Easy Star All-Stars' camp!  I just got a sneak peak into their upcoming dub-cover album, Thrillah, and am really stoked about it.  As you could imagine from the title, it's a Michael Jackson themed album.  Easy Star has been doing this dub-cover style for a while now, starting with their 2003 Dub Side of the Moon, and they certainly know what they're doing.  The biggest surprise about this upcoming album is that it is filled from start to finish with other huge Reggae stars.  And I mean huge — The Green, Steel Pulse, Luciano, Michael Rose, Christopher Martin, and Cas Haley to mention a few.  Michael Jackson fans will be pleased with the tracks they chose (Thriller, Bille Jean, Human Nature, Beat It, etc.) while Reggae fans will be more than impressed with how each track was interpreted.

It's always a pleasure to hear Easy Star All-Stars' take on some of the biggest singles of all time, and incorporating other successful artists' style on the vocals is such an amazing bonus.  Check out their tour dates HERE.  If you ever get a chance to see them, don't turn it down!  Thrillah is due to be released on August 28, so pre-order your copy today, or utilize your patience and check out these tunes in the meantime.