Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Octane: Jiggle Fi Me

I-Octane just dropped a new full-length album earlier this month, titled Jiggle Fi Me. This is his most recent album since the impressive Crying to the Nation. The first thing I noticed when listening to the album is that it’s got a much more prominent dancehall-style than his previous album. However, although it is more dancehall than I usually have tolerance for, after a few listens through, the album has grown on me. One gripe I originally had is that almost a third of the album’s production sounds exactly the same as the One Day Riddim. Although it is arguable that this has been one of the most popular riddims in the dancehalls since Spring 2010, I just found it to come off less than creative. The one dancehall track that stuck out to me was the title-track, “Jiggle Fi Me”. Once I got past the catchy summer dancehall tracks though, there are some slower tunes with better messages, which are really worth a listen. I-Octane brings it with the vocals on every tune, it’s just a matter of what the production gives him.

So if you're more of a dancehall fan, this album is a must have! If you're a little less of a dancehall fan like myself, it's definitely still worth a listen. Make sure you pick and chose carefully which tunes suit you, and you will be glad you did.