Monday, September 24, 2012

Busy Signal Receives 6-Mo. Sentence

Glendale Gordon, or as he's better known, Busy Signal, was sentenced to 6-months imprisonment for his failure to show up for trial - a pretty good deal considering the cocaine-related charges he initially evaded in Minnesota (2002) typically receive a minimum sentence of 15 years. And, if that wasn't good enough for Busy, he's already served 4 months in lock-up (unsure of these details), which is considered time-served, so really he'll only serve another 2 months in prison before he's back home in Jamaica sometime in November. Pretty good deal, I'd say. Gotta respect the hustle!

Free Up Busy!

Busy Signal ft. Romain Virgo & Exco Levi | Running From The Law (2012)