Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Groundation: Fall Tour 2012

Groundation's Fall Tour is now underway! Aside from a brief East Coast stint beginning next week, the majority of shows on this tour will be along the West Coast, and span through mid-November. Be sure to check out a full listing of all the stops along the Building An Ark Tour to make sure you don't miss these guys when they come through your city. I know I speak for the reggae community here when I say we're excited in Boston to welcome Groundation when they play The Paradise Rock Club off Comm. Ave. on November 6th. If you're in the area and haven't seen this group live before, do not miss your chance this time around -- they are a must-see!

"Groundation has one of the more unique sounds in Reggae, with a heavy jazz influence that appeals to even some of the most critical music connoisseurs. The band's consistency at staying true to this sound while continuing to progress their music and message, album after album, is something magnificent and extremely rare. Building an Ark is no exception to this statement." - Rudeboy Reggae, taken from Building an Ark album review

 Rudeboy's interview with Harrison Stafford of Groundation:

Friday, October 26, 2012


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pacific Pulse: Kaipo

Local Hawaiian artist Kaipo Kapua has just released a new self titled EP. The new music gravitates toward a R&B/Reggae fusion type feel and has some smooth tracks to say the least. Personally I really dig the new style where Kaipo's voice seems to fit perfectly with the smooth R&B beats and reggae keys.  Check out his new EP for yourself on ITUNES or AMAZON and I also threw an older reggae track from him to compare the new music to. "With You" is my jam!!! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Music Video: Anuhea & Awa - Perfect Day

Another new music video shot in Hawaii coming from Anuhea & Awa featuring their duet "Perfect Day."

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Music Video: Collie Buddz - Won't Be Long

New music video from Collie Buddz filmed in association with J-Boog & the Wash House crew during the Red Star Music Festival in Hawaii. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Single From Isasha, "Tell Me"

One of my all-time favorite reggae artists is Isasha, who hails from Trinidad & Tobago. In an effort to avoid repeating myself, and to keep from rambling on and on as to why I like this guy so much, I think it's best just to link to a post I did months back introducing Isasha. If you haven't heard of him before, please do yourself a huge favor and get acquainted: "Isasha To Di World! - December 2011."

This song is classic Isasha - if you check out the previous link, you'll understand what I mean. The riddim is produced by Trinidad's famous, Studio 53, and I don't think there's any question Isasha shines the brightest on this selection. 

Big ups to Etac who stumbled across this one!

Introduction: Josh "WaWa" White

To follow up Drew Deezy's The Poly Tape, I would like to introduce one of the artists featured on the album, Josh "WaWa" White. Born & raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, White has recently been gaining some exposure, especially here in Hawaii where he is all over the radio. I was actually introduced to him a couple years back by a fan in Denver who showed me his track "Love Da Way" and was immediately impressed by his unique sound. 

His debut album Line Em Up was recently released back in April and has some smooth island style jams that would make you think twice about him coming out of Utah. I dig the mellow vibe and simple but captivating music that can't help but make you wanna kick back and relax. Enjoy some of my favorite tracks off the album and big ups to "WaWa" White holdin it down for the Utah reggae scene! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Anuhea and Tarrus Riley Link Up!

I got word of this collaboration a few weeks back, and I'm super psyched to finally get my hands on it! I've been a big Anuhea fan for some time now - some of the other Rudeboy writers have done a couple write-ups on her in the past, which has really helped introduce me to the talented, Hawaiian native singer. This track with Tarrus Riley, The Only Man In The World, is everything I hoped it would be. Both artists deliver nice smooth vocals, and the chemistry is palpable between the two. Would love to see more from this duo in the future.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Street Rockaz: Man of the Living Riddim

Coming to you from the little-known, Street Rockaz Family, is the Man of the Living Riddim.  Consisting of only three singles, this riddim is not your classic reggae sound by any means - actually, it's far from it - having much more of a hip-hop beat with some reggae up-tick influence and an old reggae sample used throughout.

Check out Chezidek & Peetah Morgan's singles below:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Throwback Jam: "Original Man" - Capleton ft. Q-Tip

I was recently walking through the University of Hawaii Campus for an event when I heard a DJ bumping this track. Had to go up and ask what track it was cause I was lovin the old school beat mixed with the tuff vocals. Turns out its a track off Capleton's album I-Testament released in 1997 featuring hip hop artist Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dionne Reid: S.M.I.L.E.

Another positive outcome of Randy Valentine's mixtape, "Bring Back the Love" was that it introduced me to Dionne Reid, through her feature on the tune "Someone Else's Girl".  Born in the UK to Jamaican parents has given her a unique upbringing in music, and she definitely has a set of pipes to excel in whatever genre she chooses.  She describes her sound as, "Indie Reggae with a soulful tone," and while there are definitely Reggae influences, I found her latest EP, S.M.I.L.E., to be mostly soul/R&B.  One solid reggae jam of hers is a sample of Barrington Levy, "Here I Come".  You can only hope there are more tunes like this in her future.

Don't believe me with her vocals?  Check this live version of "Here I Come" as well.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Randy Valentine: Bring Back the Love Mixtape

“Them sell out them soul, fi get radio play.  Peter Tosh musta turn inna him grave. Yo we need a change right now.  We need a change.”

I was recently introduced to Randy Valentine, under Higher Hemp and J.O.A.T. productions, and am definitely stoked about it.  If nothing else, it led me directly to his feel-good Roots Reggae mixtape, "Bring Back the Love" mixed by Straight Sound.   From the epic intro to the last song, this mixtape does it right:  no weak dancehall riddims, only old-school roots riddims (many that you'll recognize).  Throughout, RV also pays homage to Reggae's roots with both conscious lyrics and a few covers (ie. Barrington Levy's "Too Experienced").  The title track really sets the tone for this mixtape, and while you can check out the video above, I highly recommend downloading the full mixtape.  It's FREE!

Thanks to PaddelBoard Pete for the recommendation!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Perfect Key Riddim

PLAYMama | Christopher Martin

A solid Spring/Summer release from DZL Records, just now finding its way to market - it voices 6 or 7 different aritsts, including Cecile and Ikaya, but the big singles come from Chronixx and Christopher Martin as seen above.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pacific Pulse: The Poly Tape

Stoked to introduce one of my favorite new hip hop-reggae albums The Poly Tape featuring Polynesian rapper Drew Deezy from San Jose, California. I wasn't sure the day I would see a fusion album like this coming from a Pacific Island artist, but Im happy that it came way sooner than I ever would have expected. The album is SOLID with a handful of tracks that really hit hard and lyrics that speak to the life experiences of urban Polynesian communities while still carrying a message of universality so that listeners around the world can jam to it.  The album also features some of the hottest Pacific Island reggae artists making music out there right now like Josh "WaWa" White, Spawnbreezie, & Fiji.

The Poly Tape seems to be symbolic for a movement striving for Polynesian unity, and especially so between Samoans & Tongans (as evidenced by the album photo), who are often rivals. Deezy refers to the movement as the TokoUso Movement, Toko and Uso both slang for brother in Tongan and Samoan respectively. Massive respect to Drew Deezy not only for the album but also in struggling for unity between Polynesian & Pacific Island peoples through music. Enjoy some of my favorite tracks off the album and oh yea did I mention you can download the album for FREE off his label 454 Life Entertainment's Website. For those of you who want to support Drew Deezy you can also purchase The Poly Tape on ITUNES.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Throwback Series: Niyorah

Gotta special treat for everyone: Niyorah, from the Virgin Islands, easily one of my all time favorite artists! His lyrics can penetrate to the depths of the mind and his music can captivate the soul. He is the definition of conscious reggae in my eyes and though hes got some new stuff out there, his debut album A Different Age will probably be one of my top three cd's till the day I die. Coming from the I GRADE RECORDS family, Niyorah is IT! You dig!?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Selah Sue

There has been brief content in the comment section about the Belgian artist, Selah Sue, and I felt that it simply wasn't enough.  I heard a few singles ("Raggamuffin") and decided to search for a full-length album.  Surprisingly, her self-titled album only dropped a little over a month ago on the US iTunes and Amazon.  After a few listens through I was excited.  She reminds me so much of Nigeria-born, Nneka (Soul is Heavy)Both have Reggae tunes, which initially drew my interest, but after the album realized they don't have a particular genre.  And both have similarly unique vocals with a smooth rasp that can reach any note.  Most importantly, while listeners get lost in the highest quality of music, the artists provide their extremely powerful enlightened messages.  This is probably more of an R&B/Soul album; but with the hints of Reggae, it gives me a good enough excuse to post it.. Enjoy!

While we're onto J. Cole remix's check out Selah Sue with J. Cole in a "Raggamuffin Remix".

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Etana - "Reggae"

This one's a brand new, super smooth jam from the beautiful and talented, Etana, of VP Records, called "Reggae." The girl puts on a vocal clinic here! Etana is hands down one of the best contemporary female reggae artists. Her lyrical and vocal talents are top notch, and this song, "Reggae," is a testimate to that.

"Oh reggae, you're the one!"

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Major Lazer: Get Free

Major Lazer, fronted by DJ/Producer Diplo, and well known for producing Snoop Lion's upcoming album REINCARNATED, have also recently released a track titled "Get Free" featuring American singer Amber Coffman as well as a remix featuring one of my favorite big names in hip hop, J. Cole. The track comes off there album Major Lazer Frees The Universe set to release in early 2013.

Major Lazer has been on the forefront of "dancehall revival," blending roots, reggae, and hip hop with the new age dance/electronic musical genres and surprisingly coming out with some great products, especially considering the combination of musical styles that can often seem worlds apart. My personal favorites are the heavy roots tracks like "Cant Stop Now" off there debut album Guns Dont Kill People, Lazers Do but check the album out for yourself and see what gets you to groove! Either way, Im excited to see what the upcoming album has in store and Im all in for their mission to "Free The Universe" with music!

Also, check out the official music video for "Get Free" shot in Jamaica.. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Roots Corner: Wayne Smith - Youthman Skanking

Wayne Smith will forever be known as the artist who introduced the world to Ragga (computerized riddims).  Smith’s 1985 hit “Under Mi Sleng Teng” was the first fully digital rhythm ever released and it quickly took the music industry by storm.  That being said, Smith’s accomplishments as a roots artist should not be overlooked.  The album Youthman Skanking was produced by Prince Jammy in 1982 and was released on the Black Joy label.  This album is comprised of ten of the toughest roots tracks you will find.  Smith's vibrant style on this album reminds me of other great artists of the time, such as Barry Brown and Johnny Clarke.  The tracks "Eden Out Deh" and "Live Honestly" are only a small taste of how crucial this album truly is.  Unfortunately, Youthman Skanking has not been released on CD, and it likely never will be.  So in the meantime, you can listen to other sample tracks off this killer album HERE. 

Seeed: Brand New Self Titled Album!

Purchase Seeed's new album on iTunes or Amazon.

Just got my copy a few days ago of Seeed's brand new self titled album that dropped on September 28th and haven't stopped bumpin it since! The album has some serious versatility but succeeded once again in providing those epic one drop tracks that make this band one of the best in contemporary reggae. Their music however, can hardly be confined by the genre of reggae, but who said music needs boundaries anyway? Check out some of my favorites off the album and I also threw in one of there more progressive tracks "Seeeds House" just to show how they can travel through the musical spectrum all within the same album and still come out on top. Massive respect to Seeed & the German reggae scene. Eine Leibe! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Music Video: Jah Sun, "Life Is A Blessing"

Brand new single from Jah Sun, "Life Is A Blessing" - another conscious, uplifting tune from the California-based artist. Definitely take the time to listen to the story behind the song.

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