Friday, October 5, 2012

Selah Sue

There has been brief content in the comment section about the Belgian artist, Selah Sue, and I felt that it simply wasn't enough.  I heard a few singles ("Raggamuffin") and decided to search for a full-length album.  Surprisingly, her self-titled album only dropped a little over a month ago on the US iTunes and Amazon.  After a few listens through I was excited.  She reminds me so much of Nigeria-born, Nneka (Soul is Heavy)Both have Reggae tunes, which initially drew my interest, but after the album realized they don't have a particular genre.  And both have similarly unique vocals with a smooth rasp that can reach any note.  Most importantly, while listeners get lost in the highest quality of music, the artists provide their extremely powerful enlightened messages.  This is probably more of an R&B/Soul album; but with the hints of Reggae, it gives me a good enough excuse to post it.. Enjoy!

While we're onto J. Cole remix's check out Selah Sue with J. Cole in a "Raggamuffin Remix".

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