Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pacific Pulse: The Poly Tape

Stoked to introduce one of my favorite new hip hop-reggae albums The Poly Tape featuring Polynesian rapper Drew Deezy from San Jose, California. I wasn't sure the day I would see a fusion album like this coming from a Pacific Island artist, but Im happy that it came way sooner than I ever would have expected. The album is SOLID with a handful of tracks that really hit hard and lyrics that speak to the life experiences of urban Polynesian communities while still carrying a message of universality so that listeners around the world can jam to it.  The album also features some of the hottest Pacific Island reggae artists making music out there right now like Josh "WaWa" White, Spawnbreezie, & Fiji.

The Poly Tape seems to be symbolic for a movement striving for Polynesian unity, and especially so between Samoans & Tongans (as evidenced by the album photo), who are often rivals. Deezy refers to the movement as the TokoUso Movement, Toko and Uso both slang for brother in Tongan and Samoan respectively. Massive respect to Drew Deezy not only for the album but also in struggling for unity between Polynesian & Pacific Island peoples through music. Enjoy some of my favorite tracks off the album and oh yea did I mention you can download the album for FREE off his label 454 Life Entertainment's Website. For those of you who want to support Drew Deezy you can also purchase The Poly Tape on ITUNES.