Friday, October 12, 2012

Randy Valentine: Bring Back the Love Mixtape

“Them sell out them soul, fi get radio play.  Peter Tosh musta turn inna him grave. Yo we need a change right now.  We need a change.”

I was recently introduced to Randy Valentine, under Higher Hemp and J.O.A.T. productions, and am definitely stoked about it.  If nothing else, it led me directly to his feel-good Roots Reggae mixtape, "Bring Back the Love" mixed by Straight Sound.   From the epic intro to the last song, this mixtape does it right:  no weak dancehall riddims, only old-school roots riddims (many that you'll recognize).  Throughout, RV also pays homage to Reggae's roots with both conscious lyrics and a few covers (ie. Barrington Levy's "Too Experienced").  The title track really sets the tone for this mixtape, and while you can check out the video above, I highly recommend downloading the full mixtape.  It's FREE!

Thanks to PaddelBoard Pete for the recommendation!