Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pacific Pulse: Mike Love - The Change I'm Seeking

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It is an absolute pleasure to share the music of Mike Love, one of the hidden gems of the Hawaiian reggae scene, who is also known for his roles with the prominent Hawaiian roots bands Dubkonscious and Father Psalms. After watching his live sets over the past 6 years, which are an unparalleled musical experience, I am stoked to finally hear recorded music from one of the most talented musicians in the region on his debut album The Change I'm Seeking. While reggae is certainly the foundation of his sound, the album draws influences from a diverse range of sources, all of which are harmoniously blended together alongside his powerful lyrics to bring music that could only be his own. Check out my favorite tracks off the album and if your ever in Hawaii I highly recommend catching a live performance from him (dates found at, although I like the ring of a Mike Love 2013 World Tour!