Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Album Review: 'Judgement Time' by Chezidek

Ok, yes, I know I'm way behind on the 8 ball with this one - I'll be the first to admit it - but damn was I impressed with this album! I would be doing a disservice to the Rudeboy Massive if I didn't do a review of this album, "Judgement Time," coming from the rastaman, Chezidek. Whether you're a fan of Chezidek or not, I think we can all agree on one thing: he has one of the most unique voices in reggae music today. From there, it's a matter of personal opinion as to whether his voice does it for you or not. For me, to be honest, I used to dislike Chezidek because I felt like he could never quite harness his talents and hit the notes he was trying to hit. But with this album, I have to say, I think his vocals are flawless, and I'm a huge fan of every song, which is something I don't often say about reggae albums.

Judgement Time (2010) was produced and brought to you by JahSolidRock. Alongside Chezidek's top-notch vocal performance throughout this album, its the premier production that especially makes this album great. Many of the tracks on here are accompanied by dubby version tracks, which are nicely mixed and add a little something extra to the experience of this album. And, above all, the lyrics on this album have a positive message and cary a nice, uplifting vibe.

I can declare with certainty that this album is a must-have for any reggae lover's collection. After running through the track list just once, I without a doubt now consider myself a Chezidek fan.

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