Friday, January 25, 2013

Introducing: KBong

KBong grew up in Hawaii surrounded by musical rhythm and harmonies.  Listening to all the Jamaican legends you would expect, he soon learned the positivity of Reggae music.  Now, after living in San Diego, it's the American Reggae scene influencing his music. For the last three years he's been playing the keyboard and singing behind Scott Woodruff and the rest of Stick Figure.  Now a solo album is the next chapter.  Bong says, "It is an accumulation of what I've learned from the others around me and my experiences."  Hopes and Dreams is set to drop in Spring 2013, and from the first single, "Rising", it promises to be worth checking out.  With help from members of Stranger, Stick Figure, and Fortunate Youth, the album could have more of a Cali-reggae sound, but either way I'm excited to hear the product!

Visit his Facebook, Bandcamp and Soundcloud for more videos and music.  And make sure to check him out with Stick Figure on Tribal Seeds' West Coast tour.

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