Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Warrior King in Lake Tahoe!!

Big things are happening up in Lake Tahoe, CA!!  Rambo Party Productions and Tweed Rolling Papers are putting on a Bob Marley Birthday Celebration which is going to be tough to top.  That's because they managed to get the Jamaican legend, Warrior King, to perform, backed by DubFyah of FullWatts HiFi.  Make sure to catch the local DJ Treez opening the set!  For those that are in the area, I can't stress how important it is to check out this show.  Not only will Warrior King go down as one of the best, but this is an opportunity to see him in a very personal setting with a modest (but rowdy, I'm sure) crowd.

Warrior King has released four albums since 2002, but personally, there is no doubt that his best work was his earliest.  Nothing against his later albums, I just need to stress that his first two albums — Virtuous Woman(2002) and  Hold the Faith(2005) — are two of the best Reggae albums of ALL TIME.  From start to finish, they hold the standard for uplifting, positive, conscious roots Reggae music to this day.  My only hope is that he still enjoys playing some of those songs on February 8th at Hacienda del Lago in Tahoe City, CA.