Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Music Video: Anuhea - No Time

Speaking of acoustic music, check out this music video of Anuhea jamming "No Time" presented by Olukai

Monday, April 29, 2013


Here at Rudeboy Reggae, we like to expose our fans to the music we love in all the forms that it may come in. One of our favorite styles of music is with out a doubt acoustic, and we get our daily dose of acoustic music from our good friends MoBoogie over in Denver, Colorado. Make sure to check out their website MoBoogie.com or YouTube channel to see some of your favorite artists performing their music acoustic style. Also posted below are some samples of their vast video collection. Big ups MoBoogie for supporting the artists and music we love! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

SOJA ft. Collie Buddz - She Still Loves Me

More new music from SOJA featuring Collie Buddz. The track is titled "She Still Loves Me" and is a nice remix by the two reggae powerhouses of an acoustic track released on SOJA's most recent album Strength To Survive. Also check out a music video of the original version below! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Snoop Lion "REINCARNATED" Album Review

Since opinions have been flying all around town about the controversial Snoop Lion and his new album REINCARNATED, I will stick strictly to the music on this one. I'll start by saying that there was very little likelihood that anything produced under the expertise of Major Lazer was going to be bad. Musically, this album is a display of not only top notch production, but the contemporary feel that reggae now has today (and of course the immense understanding of reggae music that Major Lazer brings to the table). You can here the influence of so many other genres within the music on this album including roots, dancehall, pop, and of course hip-hop. Ultimately I think the blend of music was awesome to hear under one album. Such versatile style that still retains its own feel and will lay the foundation for the sounds of Snoop Lion. It's also pretty cool to see some of the artists he was able to collaborate with on the project, including DrakeBusta Rhymes, and Miley Cyrus.

As for Snoop, I thought he did a good job considering this was his first dabble with reggae. Id say it would be unrealistic to expect Snoop to be a phenomenal reggae vocalist off the bat. With that said, for his first effort, I commend him on it. Theres no doubt that Ill be listening to his music in the months to come. Regardless, take a listen to the music for yourself, some of my favorites (at least of the music that hasn't been released beforehand) up above and you can buy the album on ITUNES or AMAZON. I definitely recommend checking out his documentary REINCARNATED to see behind the scenes action on the making of this album. One Love Snoop! Respect


Mr. Gunman | Isasha

BRAND NEW off of the Rising Son Riddim, Isasha delivers a big, bad remix of his Mr. Gunman tune. Oringinally voiced over a different riddim (name, tbd) and featured on my Reggae Feva Vol. 7 mix, "Reggae Revival." Everything Isasha touches is gold! No doubt about it.

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Music Video: Wild Belle - Keep You

Check this video from Wild Belle out. Don't think she's necessarily a reggae artists, but this a pretty creative video concept with some nice reggae influence. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Katchafire: Best So Far

New Zealand’s Katchafire just released a compilation of their greatest hits.  Now this clearly isn’t as exciting as new music, but you can’t argue good music when you hear it.  And this is undoubtedly good music!  Best So Far exposes the different styles from their four albums since 2003, and makes you realize how tough it is to pick a favorite track.  If you’re unaware of this legendary all-Maori band, this is a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself.

Buy or sample it on iTunes.  And make sure to check these guys out on tour if they're at a stop near you!

John Browns Body: Kings and Queens

The legendary and trailblazing American reggae band John Browns Body has just released their 8th studio album titled Kings And Queens. I really can't give these guys enough credit for not only the quality album after album but sticking true to their sound. Kings And Queens picked up right where Amplify left off, and thats leaving a legacy that has inspired and carved a path for the now thriving contemporary American reggae scene. Overall, the album sounds great and the production superb. This is just one of those posts where all I can really say is check out the music for yourself and of course some of my favorite tracks off the album up above. Don't forget to support and purchase their music on ITUNES or AMAZON. JBB is the KING!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Major Lazer & Busy Signal: Watch Out Fi Dis

On April 16th, Major Lazer released it's highly anticipated album, Free the Universe. One of the biggest tracks off of this 17-track compilation comes from Busy Signal, titled "Watch Out Fi Dis" (above) - a progressive dancehall track that is guaranteed to be a club anthem for months to come. You could not have chosen a better vocalist (and personality) than Busy Signal to compliment the heavy hitting bass and electro vibe of this song. The music video for Watch Out Fi Dis really needs no introduction - simply turn the volume up, full-screen it and enjoy!

As far as the album goes, I was definitely impressed with the variety and overall quality of tracks that are offered. The musical genius of Major Lazer continues to impress and push dancehall and reggae into new arenas, which is always great to see. You can preview and download the album, Free The Universe, on iTunes now!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cris Cab Mixtape, "Red Road"

He's reggae. He's hip hop. He's pop. He's the man. Who doesn't love Cris Cab? Wyclef Jean, The Green, and Mike Posner all liked him enough to be featured on his newest FREE mixtape titled Red Road and Collie Buddz is on the Light It Up tour with him as we speak. Now theres no doubt that Cris Cab isn't a strict reggae musician and thats probably what I love the most about him. Well either that or the fact that he loves to give out so much of his music for free. 

The new mixtape has solid production and that mesmerizing Cris Cab sound that you can only find in his music. Some of my favorite tracks are Heaven, The Fire, and Livin On Sunday (above). I love his versatility and it's cool how he can change up styles so much yet still make the music have a sound that could only be his own. Ummm did I mention he's 19? Make sure to download the album FOR FREE off his website criscab.com and check him out on tour in a city near you! Much Respect Cris! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Gentleman Drops Album "New Day Dawn"

One of Europe's reggae heavyweights, Gentleman, dropped his new album today. The compilation titled New Day Dawn is sure to have some powerful tracks as rarely has Germany's Gentleman ever dissapointed. Unfortunately the album hasn't been released onto the US Amazon or Itunes yet but you can listen to samples of the entire album off his website gentleman-music.com and stay tuned for an album review to come soon! Big ups Gentleman! 


This track's coming off of the brand new Insecurity Riddim, produced by Markus Records. Riddim megamix to follow soon!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cas Haley to Release New Album in May

The talented singer/songwriter, Cas Haley - originally from Paris, TX - is set to release his third album, titled "La Si Dah." Slated to hit stores May 28th under Easy Star Records, the album was produced by Haley himself. Above is the first single off the production, "La Dah," which is right in line with many of his past records - light, catchy, solid musical production and great vocals that tell an interesting story. (Apparently it's about a dream he had about his grandmother, and some special words of wisdom she gave him. Listen closely.)

Be sure to keep a look out for La Si Dah dropping officially on May 28th!

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Snoop Lion: REINCARNATED Documentary

There was no way that I wasn't going to watch Snoop Lion's documentary film REINCARNATED the first day it came out on April 16th. The film was produced by VICE and follows the life of Snoop Dogg and his exploratory journey of Jamaica and Rastafari as well as the production of his full length reggae album also titled REINCARNATED in collaboration with producer powerhouses Diplo/Major Lazer

While just about everyone has given their opinion on the music, film, and transformation of the DOGG to the LION, I like to quote one of the greatest comedians all time, Dave Chappelle, on the matter (though hes not specifically referring to this artistic creation with the quote) who has said "haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love." Its obvious that Snoop Dogg/Lion, whatever you want to call him, is looking to rediscover himself musically, artistically, and spiritually. And who can blame him? This guy has seen bullets take the lives of his friends, has been raised in some of the toughest ghettos America has to offer, and has experienced all of the fame and stardom that any musician could ever imagine. Its no surprise that he has turned his back on all of that in search for a relatively peaceful, down to earth, and positive medium to now express himself musically and artistically. Unfortunately, because of his level of fame, its impossible to not have the trail of consumerism and commodification following the moves that he makes, and I think this has distracted many people in the process. But I would imagine its hard not to cause an uproar with the personal choices you make having a social media following of over 35 million people.   

All in all, I enjoyed the documentary and the soundtrack. Snoop is a human being and that really comes out in the movie. As far as I was concerned, his intentions seemed genuine despite the fact that he really does come from a very different world then Jamaica and especially some of the devout rastas he encounters in the film, which will always create struggles that need to be negotiated. However, it is this juxtaposition that really shows you the power and allure not only of Rastafari and Jamaica, but also reggae music and its interconnectedness throughout the world. Its great to see a contemporary doc on reggae and I hope to see more in the future. As the king of reggae himself has sang "Every man has the right to decide his own destiny," and this seems to be Snoop's. Make sure to watch the movie for yourself. You can rent it on iTunes and look for the album to drop April 23rd! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Larger Than Life Presents: The Tallawah Riddim

PLAYTallawah Riddim Mix | Jah-Love

Larger Than Life Records is back again with another quality riddim production. Released about a week and a half ago, The Tallawah Riddim is exactly the high-energy culture rhythm I've been waiting for to help kick off the Spring properly. This time of year traditionally brings with it some of the best riddims of the year, and as far as production goes, the Tallahwah Riddim is right up there with some of the best I've seen in 2013. It's super light and catchy, and is sure to find it's way into every DJ's rotation this summer.

With that being said, I do feel that the majority of the vocal performances here weren't quite up to par. I really liked Luciano's "Bless My Soul" - which is one of the best tracks I've heard from him in quite some time - and Pressure's "Most Beautiful." Other than those two tracks, I felt the rest really underperformed, especially Exco Levi, who is very talented, and is one of my favorite up-and-coming reggae artists. Overall though, definitely a good riddim, and without a doubt worth picking up a copy.  Support good reggae music, and give it up for a quality domestic production label like Larger Than Life.

Purchase the Tallawah Riddim on iTunes

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Mike Love & Paula Fuga Tour West Coast with Nahko!

Make sure to check out Mike Love and Paula Fuga, two of Hawaii's best reggae musicians on their West Coast tour! You can catch them at the dates below with Nahko and Medicine For The People. For those of you who donʻt know who Nahko is, make sure to check out his music video for track "Aloha Ke Akua" above. One of the most powerful music videos I have ever seen. You can find out more info at mikelovemusic.com or paulafuga.com

WED April 17 - Seattle, WA @ Crocodile w/ Nahko & Medicine for the People
THU April 18 - Portland, OR @ Star Theater w/ Nahko & Medicine for the People
FRI April 19 - Williams, OR @ Provolt Grange w/ Midnite 
SAT April 20 - Sacramento, CA @ TBA
SUN April 21 - Berkeley, CA @ Ashkenaz     

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Releases: Cris Cab, Snoop Lion, John Browns Body

For those of you who want the hot off the press update, we got a bunch of new releases today that I wanted to let everyone know about. Cris Cab dropped his mixtape Red Road which is available for free download on his website (criscab.com), Snoop Lion released his album & video documentary REINCARNATED on iTunes, and John Browns Body has dropped their new album Kings and Queens. Reviews to come soon!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Rudeboy Reggae on Spotify!

In an effort to bring our fans even more music, we will now be sharing playlists of some our favorite selections of music on Spotify for everyone to follow. This is the first playlist of many to come, and features some of my favorite new music that I have been listening to. The playlist will also be on the right toolbar for easy access. Enjoy and make sure to follow us on Spotify to stay updated on the music we listen to and all the bomb playlists we will be creating!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Non-Jamaican Reggae Tops Current Billboard Charts

Interesting news piece from One Caribbean News about American reggae. Not really sure about the statements claiming all the music being produced by "white" musicians, since I believe America's reggae acts have quite a bit more diversity than a single color, but none the less, a cool piece on reggae's transformation. 

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rootfire Mixtape 003

Check out this brand new mix by Rootfire. The Rootfire Mixtape 003 showcases artists from around the world who contribute to the progressive roots music scene. Connecting mid-‘90s John Brown’s Body with upcoming artists like The Skints and Stick Figure, and incorporating New Zealand heavyweights Fat Freddy’s Drop and The Black Seeds.  Producer Brendan Dane, better known as Alific, delivers a seamless mixtape complete with audio samples a la’ Jeff Bridges. This mix is the first in a series curated by Alific, with the second and third installments to be released later this Spring. Future Rootfire mixtapes will continue to evolve and create connections within the genre of progressive roots music. Click HERE to view the mixtape in Soundcloud with the complete artist lineup! 

"The goal was to follow the Rootfire mission of spreading progressive roots music by incorporating both well-known bands in the scene and bands many people might not be familiar with yet. I wanted to have a variety of songs in the mix that would showcase where the scene is heading as well as where it all started from." ~ Alific

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rusko Ft. Alborosie - Love No More

Now, for those who know my musical taste, you know that I am one of the least favorite fans of electronic music. However, I do find it interesting how more and more of it seems to be fusing reggae. While im definitely not impressed by most of it, there are on rare occassions tracks I really do like, and this mix with Rusko and Alborosie titled "Love No More" is definitely one of them. What do you think?

Friday, April 5, 2013


Introducing: Na'an Stop

Sooo stoked to introduce one of my favorite bands around, the Boulder based Na'an Stop! These guys formed up out of the thriving reggae scene at University of Colorado, and have finally recorded their debut EP Its All In The Cheese set to release today. Their original style and dedication to having a good time make this band a breath of fresh air. 3 singers and a bad ass horn section are just some of the features of this reggae ska 5 piece that is gonna be making some noise on the scene in the years to come. Check out a few tracks off the EP above and the music video of their single "Support" down below as well as a short documentary about the band (whose name is pronounced Non Stop). To our CO massive, make sure to catch these guys tonight for their EP release party at The Fox Theatre! For the rest of our fans enjoy the music and look for Na'an Stop on their West Coast Tour in May (Dates on their site Naanstopmusic.com)! Much Love to Na'an Stop!!!

AOTM: Richie Campbell — "Focused"

It’s official!  Richie Campbell is here to stay.  After locking down Portugal’s Reggae scene with a solid debut album (My Path, 2010) and a couple of catchy singles over the next two years, his sophomore album, Focused, has cemented his position in the upper ranks of the international Reggae scene.  Featuring pre-released hits “Love Is An Addiction” and “That’s How We Roll”, you can expect the same for quality, production and vocals — upbeat, conscious Roots Reggae.  Additionally, it also offers a softer R&B side that works really nicely throughout.   It is huge to not only see featured artists such as Anthony B, Turbulence, and Ikaya, but to see Campbell easily weigh up next to them.  Keep an eye out for some recognizable riddims — "Going Out" on the Cornershop Riddim and "Sacrifice My Life" on The Green's riddim from "Come In".

I’m sure I’ll get some grief for being so late to jump on the bandwagon.  Regardless, I’m glad to finally get hooked and can’t wait to see what else he’s got in store.  

Check out Rudeboy Reggae's Album of the Month for yourself HERE.

P.S. We love you Portugal!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Introducing: Bimini Rd

Hailing from Virginia Beach, VA, is the 5-man ensemble, Bimini Rd, which is currently bringing some fresh life and energy to the mid-Atlantic reggae circuit. Having toured with some of the biggest American reggae groups over the past 3+ years - bands such as The Green, Rebelution, Fortunate Youth, Tribal Seeds and John Brown's Body, to name a few - Bimini Rd just this past March released it's self-titled LP, which is now available on iTunes & Amazon. As far as sound goes, Bimini Rd has a notable rock influence in many of their tracks, with hints of many of the great aforementioned bands sprinkled in here and there. The group is geared up and stoked on this upcoming summer; with lots of shows already in the books, they're poised to take the East Coast by storm.

To hear more from Bimini Rd, visit their website or link them on Facebook.

New Single: Collie Buddz - Payback's A Bitch

Collie Buddz just released a new single titled Payback's A B**CH - a poppy dance record with subtle reggae undertones. Collie Buddz hits the road this weekend to kick off his Light It Up Tour alongside the New Kingston Band and Cris Cab. Check out tour dates here: http://on.fb.me/12gKnI1


Snoop Lion - No Guns Allowed

With Snoop Lion's controversial album, Riencarnated, set to drop on April 23, another track has been released.  It can be stated that this album, leading up to it's highly-anticipated release date, has gone through its highs and lows.  But "No Guns Allowed," featuring Drake and Cori B. (Snoop's daughter), is definitely a step in the right direction.  Conscious lyrics, solid beat, with the perfect addition of Drake this track is a long way from "La La La."

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Warrior King MV

Here is Warrior King's new music video for the single, "Melody" off of his most recent album, Tell Me How Me Sound.  For those that were there when he came to Tahoe City, CA, this is the song I got pulled on stage to sing.  Sure would have been helpful to see all the lyrics from this video first, ha!

Roots Corner: Johnny Nash - Hold Me Tight

Arguably one of the first EVER popular American reggae songs. Long before SOJA, Rebelution, Groundation, and John Browns Body, Johnny Nash reached #5 with this hit " Hold Me Tight " on the American pop charts going all the way back to 1968! .#KnowTheRoots