Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Introducing: Bimini Rd

Hailing from Virginia Beach, VA, is the 5-man ensemble, Bimini Rd, which is currently bringing some fresh life and energy to the mid-Atlantic reggae circuit. Having toured with some of the biggest American reggae groups over the past 3+ years - bands such as The Green, Rebelution, Fortunate Youth, Tribal Seeds and John Brown's Body, to name a few - Bimini Rd just this past March released it's self-titled LP, which is now available on iTunes & Amazon. As far as sound goes, Bimini Rd has a notable rock influence in many of their tracks, with hints of many of the great aforementioned bands sprinkled in here and there. The group is geared up and stoked on this upcoming summer; with lots of shows already in the books, they're poised to take the East Coast by storm.

To hear more from Bimini Rd, visit their website or link them on Facebook.