Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rootfire Mixtape 003

Check out this brand new mix by Rootfire. The Rootfire Mixtape 003 showcases artists from around the world who contribute to the progressive roots music scene. Connecting mid-‘90s John Brown’s Body with upcoming artists like The Skints and Stick Figure, and incorporating New Zealand heavyweights Fat Freddy’s Drop and The Black Seeds.  Producer Brendan Dane, better known as Alific, delivers a seamless mixtape complete with audio samples a la’ Jeff Bridges. This mix is the first in a series curated by Alific, with the second and third installments to be released later this Spring. Future Rootfire mixtapes will continue to evolve and create connections within the genre of progressive roots music. Click HERE to view the mixtape in Soundcloud with the complete artist lineup! 

"The goal was to follow the Rootfire mission of spreading progressive roots music by incorporating both well-known bands in the scene and bands many people might not be familiar with yet. I wanted to have a variety of songs in the mix that would showcase where the scene is heading as well as where it all started from." ~ Alific