Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cris Cab Mixtape, "Red Road"

He's reggae. He's hip hop. He's pop. He's the man. Who doesn't love Cris Cab? Wyclef Jean, The Green, and Mike Posner all liked him enough to be featured on his newest FREE mixtape titled Red Road and Collie Buddz is on the Light It Up tour with him as we speak. Now theres no doubt that Cris Cab isn't a strict reggae musician and thats probably what I love the most about him. Well either that or the fact that he loves to give out so much of his music for free. 

The new mixtape has solid production and that mesmerizing Cris Cab sound that you can only find in his music. Some of my favorite tracks are Heaven, The Fire, and Livin On Sunday (above). I love his versatility and it's cool how he can change up styles so much yet still make the music have a sound that could only be his own. Ummm did I mention he's 19? Make sure to download the album FOR FREE off his website and check him out on tour in a city near you! Much Respect Cris!