Thursday, May 2, 2013

International Spotlight: Natiruts

Its crazy to think of how far and wide reggae has spread. In an effort to share more reggae music from around the world, Id like to introduce a new segment called International Spotlight. However, we will definitely be needing the help of our fans to point us in the right direction, so donʻt hesitate to share your favorite artists and bands with us that you think fit this section!

I will start with Brazilian reggae band introduced to me recently, Natiruts. Now, I wasn't able to find out a whole lot about the band's history, nor do I know what the song is singing about, but none the less I dig the vibe and apparently so do many others with over 2 million hits on youtube for this track "O Carcará E A Rosa". Enjoy the album version and acoustic music video. Big ups to the Brazilian reggae massive! Look forward to hearing more music!