Sunday, May 5, 2013

Introducing: Keznamdi

Generally, the US iTunes Top 20 Reggae Albums are unexcitingly filled with old classics and big names — tons of Marley's, multiple Rebelution and SOJA albums, Collie Buddz, etc.  That is why it struck my interest when I saw an unfamiliar name like Keznamdi at #17, with his EP, Bridging the Gap.  To see quality artists Chronixx and Kabaka Pyramid getting involved was also a clear indication that this could be something special.

After listening to the quick 19 minute EP, I was extremely impressed.  Often you will see an EP from a newer artist with only one or two quality song; Kez brought it on all six.  His voice has similarities to Ziggi Recado and Jr. Gong, while his lyrics are deeply conscious and positive.  The production from Higher Intelligence absolutely killed it.  Overall, they kept it more of a contemporary, hip/hop reggae style, which seems to be a pattern in recent culture reggae.  But slowing it down on "My Love for You" was perfect, and the almost-dubstep, dancehall beat for "Weekend" is a good way to get Keznamdi's name out there on the radio stations and in the clubs.

All I can say is keep an eye out for this guy.  Not sure if someone could have more of a Reggae family and upbringing with the McDonald's.  His parents are the two lead singers in Chakula, his sister, Kamila (Miss Jamaica 2009) is married to Jah Cure, and his other sister, Kelissa is a recording artist as well.  Growing up on the road and in the recording studio, Keznamdi knows what it takes to succeed.  He certainly has the drive and the talent.  It will be a treat to see what he brings us on his upcoming full-length album.

Buy Bridging the Gap on iTunes.