Tuesday, June 25, 2013

77 Jefferson Releases "Rarities, Vol. 2"

One of the Midwest's top Reggae bands, 77 Jefferson, dropped their 5th full-length album this last May.  Rarities, Vol. 2 is the perfect album to kick off the summer!  Light, refreshing Reggae music with positive messages, catchy tunes and a feel-good vibe throughout.  You really just can't go wrong throwing this album on in the background of any situation.

These guys have been around for a minute (2008), and I have found that besides increasing their quality of production (Ganjah Records), their sound hasn't changed all that much - which is not a bad thing!  If you are already a fan, you should know what to expect, and if not, you are in for a nice surprise.  Make sure to keep an eye out for some impressive featured artists (ie. Josh Heinrichs, Jah Maoli, and Spawnbreezie), and Joel Castillo's vocals are just as smooth and relaxing as ever.  Also, check out the four remixes scattered throughout the album.  Each one is really good, but the remix of "Fast Girl" might be my favorite.

Check out the full album HERE.

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