Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hawaiian Radio Hits

For those unfamiliar, here in Hawaii we have 4 FM radio stations constantly pumping reggae. Typically they feature music more on the lovers rock and Hawaiian style vibes, with a majority of the music coming from local artists, but also play those reggae bombs when they hit. Figured I would share some of the popular tracks at the moment to give everyone a feel of some of the music that resonates here in Hawaii. Enjoy tunes from Jordan T, Maoli, Lilo Delima ft Jah Maoli, and Rebel Souljahz. There are also acts like SOJA, Fiji, The Green, and Anuhea holding their share of the frequencies but I wanted to bring attention to some of the lesser known artists/bands.  And for those of you looking for more. Feel free to stream the stations online through Island 98.5, KCCN FM100, 93.1 Da Pa'ina, or Q103.7