Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Courtney John Project

Over the last few years at Rudeboy Reggae, we’ve seen a ton of new variations to the genre.  Personally, it was the Reggae/hip-hop fusion (Distant Relatives, Bobb Deep, Mos Dub, etc.) that I first noticed.  Then, Reggae/Blues (Aaron Kamm & The One Drops), then Reggae/Dubstep (Major Lazer), and I’m sure to forget some others.  Now there seems to be a whole new genre invented:  Rootstronic.  Described as “one part Kingston mash up, one part euro-electronica and 100% provocative in its approach to contemporary music,”  The Courtney John Project is attempting to totally change the game.

For strictly Roots Reggae fans, I would skip to the next post, because this may just be too far outside of your comfort zone.  The trio is made of award winning writer and lovers-rock vocalist, Courtney John, the extremely talented, young producer, The Wizard, and Grammy winner, Steven “Lenky” Marsden.  While John carries the direction of the vocals, The Wizard takes it to a very electronic place with her production.   The familiarity of John’s voice is probably going to be the only thing familiar to the listeners of this groundbreaking project.  I won’t promise that everyone will love it, but I do promise that you should check it out.   It’s always interesting to see the direction that people can take Reggae music, and this one is surely out there.  It can be a bit too electronic-heavy at times for me, but I'm definitely excited to see what they have in store with their full-length album.