Friday, July 19, 2013

"Legend Remixed" Drops

One of the most anticipated album releases of the summer was definitely Stephen Marley's project, Legend Remixed.  Now this obviously isn’t the first time Bob’s been remixed— Chant Down Babylon being one of my all-time favorite albums — but it is the first of it’s kind.  This collaboration project between a dozen legendary producers remixing each song off the original Legend album is something very different.  From Stephen and Ziggy Marley to Pretty Lights and Beats Antique.  From Thievery Corporation to Z-Trip, these producers are all over the map!  And it certainly leads to a unique album experience.  Throughout, there is such dissimilarity from one song to the next; it results in quite the variety of music.  Some keep it more in Bob’s original style (“Three Little Birds” remixed Stephen Marley and Jason Bentley), and some deviate from it completely (“Is This Love” remixed by Jason Bentley).  Having said that, the Reggae purist will certainly have issues with the latter style of production — or maybe just the whole concept in general.  Whereas Chant Down Babylon brought hip-hop and Reggae together, Legend Remixed is very much of a Reggae/Electronic blend.  It is pretty lenient to even describe Reggae as a genre during most points in this album, honestly. 

There will definitely be some that despise this album from the start, due to the fact that they are altering one of the best albums of all time.  I’m not going to argue against that.  But the talent and creativity that is shown throughout is obviously impressive.  And the ability to continue spreading Bob’s messages through completely different styles of music is something that I think Bob could appreciate.   Think back to different stages of his career, and how he altered his style to push into new markets and spread his message even farther; this could be argued to be a similar effort.  If it takes an Electronic album like this for someone to get his or her first taste of Bob Marley (god save them…) than this album has succeeded.

Nothing will ever be better than the original, but you should definitely take the time to see how you feel about this new edition to the Marley musical adventure.  Check it out on iTunes here.  Also, I realize people coming to Rudeboy Reggae aren't looking for a Dubstep track, I just thought it was interesting that Stephen Marley did the "Buffalo Soldier" remix, and that is what resulted. It really shows off the range of his producing skill set.

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