Monday, July 1, 2013

AOTM: Damian "Jr.Gong" Marley - Welcome To Jamrock

After watching Damian Marley perform alongside his brothers Stephen and Julian Marley and The Ghetto Youth's crew for four shows on his American tour, theres just about no way I wasn't going to give Welcome To Jamrock AOTM for July. I've realized that many of our posts and AOTM feature brand new music, so I think its time to start shedding more light on the music that has really defined the contemporary reggae genre, even if its not hot off the press. I have been listening to this album since high school and its still one of my all time favorites. Jr. Gong's music (much of which is produced by his older brother Stephen) couldn't give a better representation of the next generation style of the genre with lyrics still as potent and political as those of his father. Theres not much more I can say that will do the exceptional music of this album justice besides telling you that if you don't have Welcome To Jamrock, get it. Enjoy a few of my favorite tracks above and make sure to also check out his most recent single, "Affairs Of The Heart", which is our single of the month.

P.S. Don't hesitate to see the whole crew performing live and direct if you ever get a chance for the show of a lifetime! While watching I couldn't help and not only admire the surreal performance I was witnessing but also ponder how The Marley lineage may be one of those historic families that will be revered and celebrated thousands of years from now. To get the opportunity to see them in person is really something special.  Them alongside legendary reggae band Third World sold out the Hollywood Bowl last night in LA (18,000+), giving the world a great indication of how strong reggae music truly still is even to this day.  Maximum respect to Damian, Stephen, Julian, Christopher Ellis, Wayne Marshall, Jo Mersa, Black Am I and the rest of the Ghetto Youths Crew as well as the man whose legacy we all continue by listening, playing, and sharing reggae music... Bob Marley!!! One Love