Friday, August 30, 2013


Don't Wanna Be | Lutan Fyah

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hip Hop Homage: Sergio Mendes - Timeless

Ever since Big L of Hot Rain showed me the album Timeless last weekend, it has been on repeat. Anyone who loves reggae, knows how many musical styles out their complement the genre, and thus I can't help but feel obligated to share not just reggae, but other great music that has appeal to reggae lovers. This album was released in 2006 by Brazilian Artist Sergio Mendes and American Rapper Will.I.Am and features a solid collection of hip-hop and neo-soul artists. I love the brazilian samba style mixed with smooth jazz, some sick beats, and top notch vocalists. Enjoy just a few of my favorite tracks and grab the album for yourself off ITUNES. This music truly is timeless. Perfect music for any occassion. Muito Bom!

Common Kings - Summer Anthems EP

Common Kings are back at it again releasing their second EP Summer Anthems. Good to see these guys hitting the studio hard and producing some perfect summer tunes before its over! Preview a couple of the tracks, including my jam off the EP, Sickness! Really dig the ukulele mixed with the western country style guitar picking and J.R.'s smooth vocals on that one. Cop the new EP on ITUNES for yourself & help support the kings!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shaggy ft. Ne-Yo - You Girl

Smooth new single from Shaggy and Ne-Yo titled "You Girl"! Get your copy on ITUNES.. Love to see these collabs between reggae and pop artists. Keep um coming! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown & Macka B - "Jealousy Remixed"

It's always a good idea to keep an eye on Necessary Mayhem Records to see what they're up to.  Known for hard hitting riddims and unique, well done remixes, this production group is now celebrating a very successful six years of existence.  I just stumbled on the remix, "Jealousy" where they brought Macka B in on Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown's original track, and had to share.

If this new school remix of old school Reggae is your thing, make sure to check out the full album, Necessary Mayhem Presents Gregory Isaacs Remixed.  Whereas Legends Remixed attempts to bring Electronic music and Reggae together, Necessary Mayhem simply brings an updated, fresh version of Isaacs' original tracks that very much keeps it in the Reggae genre.

Gyptian: "Vixen"

Gyptian's coming hard again with the first single off of his upcoming album, Sex, Love & Reggae. "Vixen" features songwriter and vocalist, Angela Hunte, and the two of them really work nicely off each other.  This track is more of the dancehall variety, which we have have seen almost exclusively from Gyptian recently.  I'd love it if he brought it back to some Roots & Culture for the album, but either way, you know he's going to impress.

Make sure to check out the album release in October 2013.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Hard | Jemere Morgan

Got to see Jemere Morgan - of the royal family of reggae, Morgan Heritage - perform this one live a couple weeks ago as his opening song, and it was sick! He put on a great little set as an intro to the Morgan Heritage act.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rebel Souljahz - Souljahz For Life & Play Me Like A Fool

Dope new(ish) single from Hawaiian reggae band Rebel Souljahz. Love the drumbeat rythm style on this one. Hit up ITUNES for your copy. Also since were at it, figured I'd throw in the new music video for the single "Play Me Like A Fool". A bit scandalous so careful showing to the young ones! Reespect 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mighty Mystic Single: "Concrete World"

I've had the opportunity to see Mighty Mystic in concert twice now and both times he has been very impressive. The Boston-based artist continues to excel with the release of "Concrete World" — a nice culture track in which Mystic's vocals shine over the solid work of his backing band, Thunder Band.

Make sure to look out for him while he works on the TOURS of Morgan Heritage and Soul Rebel Project.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Album Review: The Green - Hawai'i '13

4 years ago when I first heard The Green's music, it only took one listen to know that this band was something else. Reggae has been a musical bloodline in Hawai'i for over 30 years now, and it was only a matter of time before a sound that epitomized Hawaiian reggae would come along. But now that it's here, it seems that even the expectations of the past aren't able to live up to what The Green has become. In less than 5 years, this band has taken the genre by storm and put forth an unrivaled sound that is defining the future, capturing the present, and preserving the past. 

In the age of singles and one hit wonders, it is a true blessing to see an album that is so well put together from the musicianship and songwriting all the way to the production and artwork.  Of course, it takes a powerful team to create such a product, and thus was the result of recordings at Hurley Studios in Costa, Mesa California, production by Danny Kalb (also known for his work with artists like Ben Harper and Jack Johnson) and bass player Brad Watanabe, artwork from Kamea Hadar, oversight from Easy Star Records, and guidance from Rootfire

As for the album itself, good luck finding music on Hawai'i '13 that you don't absolutely love. The diversity of songs and styles have something for everyone, yet the flow of the music seamlessly connects the entire album together from the Hawaiian chant "He Mele No Ku'u Hawai'i" that opens it to the state anthem "Hawai'i Aloha" that brings it to a close. Each of the 4 singer/songwriters came strong as ever, putting forth not only their art and craft, but music that embodies the Hawaiian culture and spirit, helping spread the vibe and share the voice from a small island in the middle of the ocean all around the world. All in all, the envelope has been pushed once again, and who knows where it will take them this time. 

This album and this band make me proud to be from Hawai'i and part of a place that for being so small has had contributed so greatly to the realm of music. Check out some of my favorite tracks below and make sure to help SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC and purchase a copy of Hawai'i '13 for yourself on iTunes or hardcopy at! Ho'omaika'i 'ana i ka 'ōma'oma'o!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Introducing: J-Stringz

New artist J-Stringz to be on the lookout for.. So-Cal native with Tongan roots, you can't go wrong with his smooth voice and soulful acoustic vibes. Can't wait to hear some recorded music from this guy! Check out more on and sit tight for his debut album set to drop this upcoming spring! Much Aloha J-Stringz 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Movement: "Side By Side"

One of my all-time favorite summer-day-vibe albums comes from the South Carolina Reggae/Rock/Hip-Hop trio, The Movement, with Set Sail (2008).  Ever since then, I’ll periodically check in on these guys to see what they’re up to.  However, when they lost singer/songwriter Josh Swain, I found myself becoming less interested in the direction they were heading.  Well I just discovered, following the departure of frontman Jordan Miller, Swain is back, and it seems the band hasn’t missed a beat.   The release of Side By Side is proof of that. 

From the first track, “Echo,” I noticed the addition of the horns right away.  It continued throughout the album, and adds so much to their sound!   It’s not something I would have said they were missing in previous albums, but they're so smooth and seamlessly integrated, I can’t imagine them without.  Swain continues to kill it with both his writing and delivery, and it just seems to be more of The Movement that I remember from earlier recordings.  This album is an experience that leaves you feeling better than when you started off.  And I’m so happy to feel like The Movement is back!  

Make sure to check these guys out on TOUR as well.  I would hope those horns make their way on the tour bus, and this show would be unreal!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shaggy ft. Rik Rok And Tony Gold - Bonafide Girl

This is definitely a throwback, but been jamming this song recently.. Perfect for the weekend!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Damian Marley & Sean Paul - Riot

New Dancehall track from Gongzilla & Sean Paul "Riot".. Check it! 

Konshens and Romain Virgo - We No Worry Bout Them

The young, talented singer, Romain Virgo, has teamed up with the hot-headed, energetic Konshens to bring this throw back jam, "We No Worry Bout Them." It's got a nice, old-school vibe to it. I especially like the intro to this video - a very raw and uncut sneak peak into what looks like an awesome yard party!

Big up to Maximum Sound on the production!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Music Unites - Reggae Around the World, Vol. 1

I just spotted one of the best music deals I've ever seen, and had to share it with everyone!  $4.99 for a 30-track compilation of premium Reggae bands should speak for itself.  What's more is that all of the digital sales' profits go directly to the wonderful non-profit, Music Unites.  Reggae Around the World, Vol. 1 isn't necessarily the most worldly compilation, as all the bands are from either the US or New Zealand, but it is definitely an amazing compilation nonetheless.

No matter what level of a Reggae enthusiast you may be, this album will fit your needs.  With THIRTY bands, I assume there will be some you've heard of and some you haven't.  Some of the bigger names featured are Stick Figure, The Black Seeds, Cas Haley, The Green, Fortunate Youth, Josh Heinrichs, Kimie, and 77 Jefferson. The beauty of compilations like this is that there will be bands that you hear for the first time.  A few that I was introduced to and recommend checking out are The Simpkin Project, Ashes of Babylon, Seedless, and True Press.

As good as this compilation is musically, it is really special how much more significance the project has as a whole.  The fact that Music Unites, which focuses on supporting music education (of many genres) for underprivileged children in underfunded inner city school systems, chose Reggae as a means of supporting their program is huge!  Jordan Rosenthal of Fortunate Youth, Easy Star Records, Fortunate Entertainment, and Cornerstone Management were a huge parts in making that happen.  I really hope that everyone not only takes a look into this ALBUM, but Music Unites as well.  It is truly an amazing mission.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Introducing: So Roots

Hailing from Oahu, HI, So Roots is a 7-member group whose sound combines roots reggae, lovers rock, and a dash of dub. Though the band has been around since 2010, they are just now releasing their first digital single, "Still Love You," which is part of their upcoming EP, to be released sometime this fall.

If this single is any indication as to what the rest of their EP will sound like, I'd say their name suits them pretty well. Still Love You is super rootsy (and is very well produced for a group of young, unsigned artists, I might add), and to me, their style transcends the islands of Hawaii. I wouldn't have guessed these guys were HI-natives - they have a very 1970's Jamaican roots sound.

Looking forward to hearing more from these boys. Stay tuned in the coming months for the release of their album. For now, you can purchase this single on iTunes.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Introducing: Policulture

Its once again an absolute pleasure to introduce a band I have worked with since day one! Coming out of a Boulder, CO reggae scene that has been progressively gaining notoriety, Policulture is a seven piece roots band with members from all over the country, including 3 from Hawaii. Roots vibes, conscious lyrics, and a vibrant horn section are what make these guys shine. Their unique blend of styles mold together on the bands debut EP Brain Powerthe first officially recorded music from the band and a great introduction to a sound that I'm sure we will be getting familiar with. Check out my two favorite tracks off the unreleased EP and score your free download of "Family" thanks to Policulture! I highly recommend purchasing their music for yourself on ITUNES when the EP drops this Friday August 16th and if you are in Colorado make sure to catch the EP release party live this Friday at The Fox Theatre. More information at and! Cheeeeheeee

Friday, August 9, 2013

Kiwini Vaitai - Hard Times

Check out the new single "Hard Times" from Hawaiian/Tongan artist Kiwini Vaitai, also well known as one of J Boog's backup singers. Find out more on his Facebook.. Big ups! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013


In light of the group playing in Boston tonight, I thought it was appropriate to feature a single off of Morgan Hertiage's new album, Here Come The Kings. Above is their track off of the Scriptures Riddim, titled "Ends Nah Meet."

Sammy Johnson Debut EP "Prelude"

Wow.. Thats pretty much how I felt after listening to Sammy Johnson's new EP Prelude. This dude can SING!!! Superb production and music that grooves alongside Sammy J's top notch vocals make this one a winner! Absolutely loving the sounds and know that this one will be in rotation for a while. Make sure to buy the EP for yourself off ITUNES to hear the rest of the music. Theres just about no way it won't be worth it. Check out my favorite tracks above, although it was hard to choose since the whole EP is fire! Way to come out swinging Sammy J!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SOJA ft. Richie Campbell (Jr.Blender RMX) - Tell Me

New "Tell Me" Remix from SOJA ft. Richie Campbell and remixed by Jr.Blender. Love the collab! Great to see Richie breaking into the US scene. Get your copy on ITUNES!

Cris Cab - Let Her Go

New cover to add to Cris Cab's collection of popular hit remakes... Enjoy! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Throwback Series: Ooklah The Moc

Its hard to talk about Hawaiian reggae and not give some serious credit to Ooklah The Moc. I would probably consider them one of Hawaii's first solid roots reggae bands and a group who definitely blazed a trail for the scene that many bands have followed. From the recorded music to the live shows, there was a good stretch of years where these guys were at the top of the chart at home for reggae music and still continue to hold their own today. Check out three of my all time favorite tracks "Fafa Island", "Hell Fire", and "Pick Pocket"! Reeessspeeeeccccttt

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Just wanted to extend a HUGE MAHALO to all of our fans and followers, from artists and industry personnel to music enthusiasts who use and visit our site! We are so proud to be one of the top reggae blogs on the internet and hope to continue to deliver the best in Reggae Music from around the world. Much Aloha