Thursday, August 15, 2013

Music Unites - Reggae Around the World, Vol. 1

I just spotted one of the best music deals I've ever seen, and had to share it with everyone!  $4.99 for a 30-track compilation of premium Reggae bands should speak for itself.  What's more is that all of the digital sales' profits go directly to the wonderful non-profit, Music Unites.  Reggae Around the World, Vol. 1 isn't necessarily the most worldly compilation, as all the bands are from either the US or New Zealand, but it is definitely an amazing compilation nonetheless.

No matter what level of a Reggae enthusiast you may be, this album will fit your needs.  With THIRTY bands, I assume there will be some you've heard of and some you haven't.  Some of the bigger names featured are Stick Figure, The Black Seeds, Cas Haley, The Green, Fortunate Youth, Josh Heinrichs, Kimie, and 77 Jefferson. The beauty of compilations like this is that there will be bands that you hear for the first time.  A few that I was introduced to and recommend checking out are The Simpkin Project, Ashes of Babylon, Seedless, and True Press.

As good as this compilation is musically, it is really special how much more significance the project has as a whole.  The fact that Music Unites, which focuses on supporting music education (of many genres) for underprivileged children in underfunded inner city school systems, chose Reggae as a means of supporting their program is huge!  Jordan Rosenthal of Fortunate Youth, Easy Star Records, Fortunate Entertainment, and Cornerstone Management were a huge parts in making that happen.  I really hope that everyone not only takes a look into this ALBUM, but Music Unites as well.  It is truly an amazing mission.