Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Movement: "Side By Side"

One of my all-time favorite summer-day-vibe albums comes from the South Carolina Reggae/Rock/Hip-Hop trio, The Movement, with Set Sail (2008).  Ever since then, I’ll periodically check in on these guys to see what they’re up to.  However, when they lost singer/songwriter Josh Swain, I found myself becoming less interested in the direction they were heading.  Well I just discovered, following the departure of frontman Jordan Miller, Swain is back, and it seems the band hasn’t missed a beat.   The release of Side By Side is proof of that. 

From the first track, “Echo,” I noticed the addition of the horns right away.  It continued throughout the album, and adds so much to their sound!   It’s not something I would have said they were missing in previous albums, but they're so smooth and seamlessly integrated, I can’t imagine them without.  Swain continues to kill it with both his writing and delivery, and it just seems to be more of The Movement that I remember from earlier recordings.  This album is an experience that leaves you feeling better than when you started off.  And I’m so happy to feel like The Movement is back!  

Make sure to check these guys out on TOUR as well.  I would hope those horns make their way on the tour bus, and this show would be unreal!