Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Introducing: So Roots

Hailing from Oahu, HI, So Roots is a 7-member group whose sound combines roots reggae, lovers rock, and a dash of dub. Though the band has been around since 2010, they are just now releasing their first digital single, "Still Love You," which is part of their upcoming EP, to be released sometime this fall.

If this single is any indication as to what the rest of their EP will sound like, I'd say their name suits them pretty well. Still Love You is super rootsy (and is very well produced for a group of young, unsigned artists, I might add), and to me, their style transcends the islands of Hawaii. I wouldn't have guessed these guys were HI-natives - they have a very 1970's Jamaican roots sound.

Looking forward to hearing more from these boys. Stay tuned in the coming months for the release of their album. For now, you can purchase this single on iTunes.