Friday, September 6, 2013

Pick Your Style: Bizzarri Sound and Yaadcore Mixtapes

Two recent hour-long mixes from Italian-based, Bizzarri Sound, and Jamaica's Yaadcore have grabbed my attention.  I love how there are so many different styles of Reggae and these two mixes do a great job portraying the polar opposites that it has to offer.  Bizzarri Sound brings us an upbeat, strictly dancehall mix titled, "Who Run Di Dance?" featuring artists like Alborosie, Jah Sun, and Bizzari Record's own, Lion D.  Yaadcore provides an ode to Emperor Haile Selassie's 121st birthday in a old-school roots classic, "Hail Ras Tafari Vol. 1: Tribe of Judah" with artists like Israel Vibration, Luciano, and Black Uhuru.  In a rare move, he starts off with over nine minutes of Nyahbinghi drumming and chanting.  While it may be a little excessively long, it is awesome way to set the tone for the next hour of Reggae.  Technically, both mixes are flawlessly done.

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