Saturday, October 19, 2013

Alific: "Echoes From the Soul"

A few months back, I wrote about KBong's single, In Session.  While doing this I stumbled on a collaboration with Alific, and had to check into him.  Well his album, Echoes From the Soul, has been on repeat ever since and it's about time I shared it.

When first listening to the album I found a lot of similarities to Stick Figure's sound during the time he was writing and producing albums entirely by himself.  Come to find out that Brendan Dane — the man who goes by Alific — played bass for Stick Figure in San Diego, and solely wrote and produced this recent album.  Now located in D.C., Dane continues to use Reggae influences as a means to experiment with some of the downtempo electronics that you hear in the D.C. area.  Dane says his hope for the album is that it "feels as at home on U Street DC as it does on the San Diego boardwalk." I can't speak too knowledgeably about that goal, but still feel the need to call this album a success!

Echoes From the Soul features fellow Stick Figure members, Kevin Bong and Scott Woodruff; as well as Theivery Corporation's Saxophonist, Frank Mitchell Jr., and many others.  Haile Supreme's vocals kill it on "I Wish" - a dubby cover of the Stevie Wonder classic.  From the first track (which happens to be the title-track), you can sense how unique of an experience this album will be.  "InnerCity Dubpression" is another track that really demonstrates Alific's distinctive production.

Big ups to Rootfire Records as well!!  This is their first exclusive release, and a huge one to start off on.  The guys at Rudeboy Reggae can't wait to hear more of what they have to bring to the American Reggae scene.

BONUS:  Check out this track that shows Alific's full range of talents.  He has some really tight remixes all over SoundCloud.