Thursday, October 17, 2013

International Spotlight: Marky Lyrical

I love when I stumble across artists from out of country because it proves the case that reggae music has the power to relay an universal message. Although the styles may differ, as all music does, the message portrayed through reggae remains one of tranquility. Mark "Marky Lyrical" Moheny is a prime example. The Montreal, Canada native immediately caught my ears through a preview of his debut album, Stardust. After purchasing and listening to a few tracks, I knew this guy's music needed to be spread to the rest of the RudeBoy fam. Marky's gritty tone combined with a smooth delivery really gives the album a contagious feel good sound. Check out a few of my favorites below. Be sure to support Marky Lyrical and buy his DEBUT ALBUM Stardust on iTunes!