Friday, November 22, 2013

Gyptian - "Sex, Love & Reggae"

International Reggae superstar, Gyptian, dropped his highly anticipated fourth full-length album last month!  Sex, Love and Reggae continued in the direction that we've seen from him for quite some time.  Replacing his conscious roots and culture with more of an electronic dancehall and soca experience, he hasn't lost a step.  It seems that no matter what direction he chooses he can't fail!

This album may not be suited for the "Serious Times" fans out there, but anyone in the dance halls will love it.  My favorite tracks all happen to be from the SLR EP that was released a year ago.  "Overtime", "Wine Slow", and "One More Time" are all jams!  The featured artists kill it.  Specifically the female vocalists — Angela Hunte, Melanie Fiona, and Estelle — all bring something unique to their tracks.  This album's first single, "Vixen" is already a hit, and I don't see it being the last.  You'll notice some familiar 2012 hit riddims (Kingston 13 Riddim & Live In Love Riddim) as well as a few old covers: "My Number One", from We Remember Gregory Isaacs, and Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors".

This album's one downfall is that lots of the songs had been previously released, so I wasn't surprised by too many tracks.  Not the worst thing though, and I highly recommend checking out all that this album has to offer HERE.

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