Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Nesta Marley

Gotta send out a happy birthday to Nesta Marley. Today we remember one of the most revolutionary human beings to ever walk the planet. From the humblest of beginnings to the heights of fame, he never strayed from his values and always stayed true to what he believed in. When I think of him and what he has done for our world, I am inspired to make a positive change, as are the millions and millions of others throughout time and across the planet, black white christian muslim man woman poor rich, who follow in his footsteps. Today, I remember that he too was once a boy who had to overcome mountains of adversity to become the man he knew he could be and achieve the goals that he had always envisioned. Without his strength, perseverance, and dedication to succeed, who knows what the world would be like today. I know my life would be different. Thank you Mr. Marley for giving myself and so many others the chance to be a part of something that has and continues to leave a positive legacy for humanity on this earth. Most importantly, thanks for sharing your music with the world. It will live forever.