Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mighty Mystic Releases "Concrete World"

Known as one of the leaders of the East Coast Reggae scene for close to a decade, Mighty Mystic has worked hard to earn that label.  After his debut album (Wake up the World) released in 2010, he has toured all over spreading his message and perfecting his craft.  I saw him back in 2010, and was completely surprised.  I then saw him in 2013, on tour with Morgan Heritage and it confirmed what I had thought to be true:  he's the real deal.  Finally, he dropped his sophomore album this January and it's as impressive as expected.  Concrete World proves that Mighty Mystic is here to stay.  From first track to last, this album is pure quality, with a diverse enough sound to avoid monotony.  In a year that is expecting a lot from Reggae albums, it's off to a great start thanks to Mighty Mystic.

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