Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Randy Valentine: "Break the Chain" Preview


Next up for this year's amazing run of Reggae albums, we bring you Randy Valentine!  "Break the Chain" is only his second EP and already comes with all sorts of expectations..  But that's what happens when you drop one of 2012's Best EP's out of nowhere!

RV decided to give us a taste, releasing a music video for the first single, "Sound the Alarm".  This song is definitely a change from his light-hearted, classic reggae vibe we've gotten to know — but in no way is it that a slight.  His conscious lyrics continue to impress, only with a more militant message and style behind it.  London poet, Lion Heart, certainly sets the tone, and RV keeps up the tempo with his signature tight flow.  To keep it a bit lighter, another sample track was also released, "Sweet Reggae Music".

This guy's got big things in his future, so you might as well familiarize yourself now!

Until the album drops on iTunes May 2, get yourself caught up HERE.