Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Album Release: Tribal Seeds - Representing

What a journey its been for Tribal Seeds. Listening to the new album Representing, dropping nearly 10 years since the bands formation, its amazing to see how far not only Tribal Seeds has come but so many other aspects of the music. The new album reflects a band that seems to have finally realized their full potential as artists, creating music that not only sticks true to their original vibe but establishes themselves as American reggae heavyweights. Having helped pioneer the California reggae scene, Ive always admired Tribal Seeds for their unique sound that is grounded in roots and conscious yet contemporary lyrics. These guys have some slamming tracks, my favorite being "Lonely Night" though I was also stoked to see them team up with Virgin Islands reggae legends, Midnite, for the title track. Be sure to purchase your copy on iTunes and check these guys out on their Summer Tour with dates at tribalseeds.net. Much respect!