Sunday, June 15, 2014

KBong Releases Album: "Hopes And Dreams"

Back in January 2013, Rudeboy Reggae featured an introductory post to the talented, KBong, getting ready for his debut album in what hoped to be released springtime of that year.  What's the saying -- good things come to those who wait?  Well after listening to the album through, it strikes me as more of a summer album anyways!

My initial impression of Hopes and Dreams was that it was the epitome of feel-good, light Reggae music;  an album you could put on repeat and let it set the mood in the background.  After a few more listens, while I still find this to be true, I don't want it to be confused for lacking in substance.  KBong's debut full-length album masters the balance of varying sounds throughout to keep it enticing.  Reggae, "pop", heavy dub and baselines, catchy lyrics, some alternative and a touch of hip-hop can all be heard.  In the end, the vibe I continued to feel was positivity.

If you've met KBong, this positivity shouldn't come as a surprise; however, it is great to see it translated musically with his unique style.  Sure, he will be compared and tied to Stick Figure for his role on the keyboards, but in no way will that define him.  I'm personally excited to see what the future brings for KBong, and this album is a step in the right direction.

Hopes and Dreams drops on June 17th on iTunes.  Check out more of KBong HERE, and order the album HERE!!

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