Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SOJA Drops New Album - Amid The Noise & Haste

SOJA released their newest album today, Amid The Noise & Haste. The album is certainly what we've come to expect from the modern day SOJA sound & features some big artists like Michael Franti & Damian Marley. Check out our favorite tracks above & be sure to support them by purchasing the album on ITUNES!

Looking at the bands history, its pretty impressive to consider not only how far the band has come and how long it took to get there, but that they have stuck together playing music as SOJA for 17 years now. Looking at SOJA, a band at the very forefront of contemporary reggae, I can't help but wonder where do they go from here? Whats next? SOJA has always been committed to positive, political, and conscious lyrics that deliver a fearless message to listeners. Perhaps, they'll find a way to turn their visions into real world action. Seems like a logical next step for a reggae band whose already achieved what most bands in the genre can only dream of. Hopefully the new album helps make some serious waves in the world of music & can turn more ears toward a genre that grows bigger by the second. Massive respect!