About Rudeboy
The roots of Rudeboy run deep within the Pacific and Caribbean island cultures, but share influences from all over the planet, with reggae music lying as the foundation. Originally, the term "Rudeboy" was a loosely defined label attributed to groups of Jamaicans during the 1960’s who practiced different forms of resistance against the colonial systems of oppression that held them down. Today, we have reshaped the concept to represent any individual from any culture who seeks to “rebel with a cause” against the inequality and constraints of modern society, to creatively shape their own existence in this world.

Over the years Rudeboy has continued to evolve, establishing ties into the music industry and becoming a medium for sharing music. Our aim with this site is to expose people to the vast amount of quality reggae music, breaking down preconceived barriers of the genre and building a domestic and international network that links similar-minded, musically-inspired artists, bands, DJs, and enthusiasts alike, with the best that reggae has to offer. 

Today, reggae has firmly established itself as a worldwide presence, transcending into various types of music, cultures, and peoples around the planet. Rudeboy seeks to tap into this universal force, adding our own touch along the way while remaining dedicated to the rediscovery and preservation of our roots in these times of rapid evolution. Through our work, we strive to unify the global community through music. Reggae is culture, tradition, the tales of our past, and the guidance for our future. Through it, we are able to communicate across the planet, sending a message of positivity and raising the collective consciousness of humanity...